Sunday, August 22, 2010

To whom it may concern

Recently, someone affiliated with Mr. Manilow posted this tweet on Twitter:

"If you block everyone who is following you who has no life....does that make them lifeless?"

I thought it might be time to explain the whole idea of Twitter. Based on this tweet, he obviously doesn't understand how to use it. (He might want to have a chat with @BrianCulbertson for some tips).

Here are 4 reasons why he hasn't got a clue:
  1. The whole idea of Twitter is to gain followers, not block them. Since he's obviously a businessman, I would assume that he would want to portray a positive image and not use it for snarky remarks like this one.
  2. There's no point in using Twitter if you don't post tweets. It's rare that this gentleman posts much of anything noteworthy and even rarer that his posts are either helpful, conversational, or informational.
  3. Twitter is a social networking tool. But then again it's not surprising that he doesn't understand this because he has no idea how to maintain positive customer service relationships. The key word here is "social", and obviously it's not being social when you criticize your followers for following you.
  4. The people that choose to follow you do so because they are hoping you have something to say worth reading. However, it might be more appropriate for his "followers" to block HIS tweets and stop following him, because he rarely has anything worthwhile to say.
  5. Twitter, is a social site to be used to promote relationships. Perhaps this is where the breakdown in communication comes from. Every one of the people who follow me do so because they are trying to promote relationships (business or personal). He should take notes from @Starzbz and @Starzbz2 (these guys know how to be social and promote relationships).
My recommendation: shut down your account and let the rest of us who actually care about other people enjoy the Twitterverse.

And of course, as always, this is Just My Humble Opinion,
Texas Fan

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