Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A note from AFAN

Why Are We Still Walking? Why EVERYONE WALKS?

AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2010 will be held on April 25th.

This year will be the 20th Annual AIDS Walk, twenty years of recognizing a disease that has grown to be a worldwide pandemic.

And we still walk. Contracting HIV at one time was considered a death sentence. But through research, new treatments are developed that not only save thousands of lives, but ensure their greatly improved quality. With nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes, consistent monitoring and proper healthcare, HIV/AIDS is now considered a “chronic disease” which represents incredible strides in disease management. Unfortunately, the infection rate is still rising. Each day, someone becomes infected every 15 seconds. In the next 10 years, 45 million adults and children will die of AIDS. In the next 20, 75 million will die. In Clark County, an estimated 8000 cases of HIV/AIDS have been reported. We walk because our job is far from over. Until humanity recognizes worldwide that we have to educate both children and adults about high risk behavior, how to protect ourselves, and how to take personal responsibility for our well being, we must continue to raise awareness.

Yes, we still walk because our lives and the lives of people we love have been forever touched by HIV/AIDS. We still walk because HIV/AIDS is non-discriminatory. It is blind to age, race, religion, gender, heritage, level of intelligence, financial status, or your living condition. It is an equal opportunity infection that knows no boundaries.

We must walk to protect our youth, the world’s most precious commodity. At least half of all new HIV infections in the United States are among people under 25, according to the CDC. Every effort has to be made to safeguard our children and young adults through commitment, determination, and compassion. We walk in defense of cherished generations.

We proudly walk because it’s our opportunity to stand up and be counted. Humanity is threatened by the HIV pandemic. All of us, at some point in time, will likely have our lives forever changed by this disease. Las Vegas and Southern Nevada is at greater risk of the spread of HIV simply based upon the tremendous growth in population. As the numbers of new residents rises, so does the per capita rate of HIV infection potential. Nevada has more HIV/AIDS cases per capita than any other western state, including California.

We walk with dignity in memory of those whom we have lost over the years, those remarkable individuals who have forever impacted our lives, minds, and hearts.

Yes, we walk with purpose, determination and compassion. We walk in a show of solidarity, and of support for our families, friends, colleagues and individuals we have never met, who need our understanding and kindness, as much as our vital services. Through the financial support of the AIDS Walk, we are able to provide life enhancing and health supportive programs for our community.

We will walk until that point in time, when AFAN is no longer effective; our services no longer needed and our purpose no longer essential to the solution.

Walking in the AIDS Walk is not about us, individually, it is not about AFAN, per say as an AIDS Service Organization, nor is about political agendas. It is about making a difference within the HIV community of Southern Nevada. The AIDS Walk offers the opportunity to collectively affect change in the lives of many through real activism in raising funds and awareness. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Together We Make A Difference!

Here's the details:
For a $25 donation http://www.afanlv.org ...you will receive:
  • RED HARMONY T-shirt
  • a glow in the dark LOVE-HOPE-HARMONY bracelet
  • a raffle ticket for a grand prize

Plus, they have set up an online store as well where you can purchase items with the Team Harmony logo on them. The red shirt, however, is reserved for those who donors and team members only.

Walk the walk,
Texas Fan

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Manilow fans: Put your money where your mouth is

You know the drill. Barry encourages us to give to charity. He does it by leading by example, not just giving it lip service. There is a group of fans that have been participating in Aids Walk Las Vegas sponsored by AFAN (Aid for Aids of Nevada). Team Harmony is once again participating and need your help. Let's show Barry that we can "walk the walk" just like he does and give to this worthy cause.

Here's the details:
For a $25 donation http://www.afanlv.org ...you will receive:
  • RED HARMONY T-shirt
  • a glow in the dark LOVE-HOPE-HARMONY bracelet
  • a raffle ticket for a grand prize

Plus, they have set up an online store as well where you can purchase items with the Team Harmony logo on them. The red shirt, however, is reserved for those who donors and team members only.

Here's how you can help:
  • Click the link above to donate
  • Purchase something from their online store
  • Sign up to participate in the Aids Walk on April 25th in Las Vegas
  • Spread the word to other Manilow fans and encourage them to participate

In 2009, The AIDS Walk’s top fundraiser, Judith Domingo-Vicerra, raised $16,415 in support of the cause. Her team raised $17,475, making it the second highest team fundraiser last year. They hope to exceed last year's totals and show everyone that, like Barry, they know how to "walk the walk", not just "talk the talk".

Forward this link, tell all your Manilow friends, send it to your family, and get involved.

Go Team Harmony,
Texas Fan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where do I begin? Manilow on Kimmel

Since Jimmy Kimmel live is on at 1am in my neck of the woods, I recorded the episode for later viewing. Imagine my shock and surprise when my DVR malfunctioned and I was unable to watch it the following day. Luckily, it was HuLu to the rescue and I was able to see the "chat" and both song performances this morning. (better late than never!)

There's no way around it, Kimmel makes Barry feel relaxed. He gives him time to talk, asks some cute questions and uses his unique form of comedy to take jabs but make it all in fun. Something I learned: Barry followed Ozzy Osbourne years ago. Now that's an interesting tidbit of information. Was anybody there that remembers it???? (I'd PAY to see a clip of that show!)

All in all, it was a great guest appearance and two good performances of songs from the new album. He looked good in that blue suit and black shirt and his band looked amazing as well on that stage with him. It's so good to see familiar faces when he performs--there is comfort in the familiar.

Alert! Personal opinion to follow:
I watched the clips several times and I can't for the life of me figure out why people thought he was lip syncing the songs. It's obvious he was actually singing. The only answer I could come up with: it's the botox that keeps his face from moving. I'll add my comment to YBA's: it's time to age gracefully and own your years. Trust me, I know what it's like to look in the mirror and see those wrinkles and gray hair. But seriously, how many of us would LOVE to see Barry look "natural" again??? Save some bucks and take the Robert Redford route--you've earned every one of those 60+ years!

If you didn't get a chance to see the show or the clips, here are the links:
I can't give you anything but love
Where do I begin?
Barry or Ozzy?

All in all, a GREAT appearance!
Texas Fan

Friday, February 5, 2010

Moving on up--it's #5 for Manilow's GLSOAT

It's official. Barry's new album entered the charts at #5. I'm a "believe it when I see it" kind of girl, so the early reports that it jumped from 13 to 5 on the sales charts did not convince me until I saw it for myself. According to Robin Leach, it may even climb to #1 next week. That would be a noteable feat, but one that wouldn't surprise me.

This album seems to strike a chord with so many of the fans and it's release date just in time for Valentine's day was definitely perfect timing. As always, Barry's arrangements make classic songs come to life again and this album seems to be no exception. If you're a romantic, you might want to snatch one up for someone special in your life. Heck, "Where Do I Begin" might just be worth the price!

Congratulations to Barry,
Texas Fan

P.S. Now...it's time for "Fifteen Minutes"!
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