Monday, October 26, 2009

More Hollywood Bowl Pics

Here are some more pictures from the show on Saturday.

Thanks @hokiephile for these pictures!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl

I know everyone is waiting to hear "details" about the show last night. Here is a text I received from a friend after the show last night:

"Vegas plus Dave Koz plus One Voice plus Forever and a Day. Voice good, but show nothing special."

And some pics from @starzbz on Twitter.

I'm sure as the day progresses we will hear more details. From all early reports it sounds like it was an amazing night.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Manilow Twitter News

Things have been pretty silent in the Manilow world these days. No "official" announcements of much of anything, except Barry telling us in his last set of shows that "the ink isn't dry yet" so he can't reveal where he will be going in Vegas.

Twitter has had some interesting tweets lately re: Mr. Manilow via Steven Friess @TheStripPodcast:

Source says Barry manilow's move 2 Paris official + opens valentines wkd coinciding w new love song album. Show has french theme. #Vegas

A french theme? Now that's something I can sink my teeth into. And...the Paris? My absolutely number one favorite hotel in Las Vegas. It sounds like something "official" will be coming soon.

Ah...nutella crepes!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Emotions...Celebrations...New Beginnings...and Goodbyes

This past week, after much anticipation, stress and planning, my daughter said "I do" to her soul mate. She was as calm as a cucumber. I on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. She kept reminding me to calm down (that's my line!) and not to cry (which is an unreasonable request of the mother of the bride). My buddy (Andy) kept reminding me to smile and that it would all be over soon. He has been my rock throughout this whole wedding planning experience, but it wasn't until Saturday that I could finally relax and breathe a sigh of relief. For the most part, everything went off without a hitch. There were no explosions, fights or major areas of conflict. Everyone's clothing remained in tact. The guests found the wedding venue without much difficulty. All the plans fell into place just as we had imagined; and the photos that everyone took are proof that it was an absolutely perfect wedding.

Why was I such a wreck? I wanted everything to be perfect for my daughter's special day. I wanted to make her happy. I wanted her to step back, after it was all over, and know how much I love her. I wanted her to be able to start her life with Daniel with those magical memories. And at the same time, I kept thinking about my parents. I kept wishing they were sitting next to me and posing for the photographer. I kept feeling that our family was not complete without them there. But my daughter thought of everything and they were there, along with her other grandparents. Something as simple as a locket, attached to her flowers, reminded her that they were still so much a part of her life. My mother's diamond in her engagement ring; my mother's emerald ring on her right finger; her other grandmother's diamond in the wedding ring; and reminders in the ceremony of how the four of them are so much a part of who she is. It's those special things that went unnoticed by most, that reminded me of the importance of family and how they shape who we are and what we become.

And it wasn't just about family, but it was also about friends. Friends who took the time out of their lives to travel to Vegas and be there to celebrate with us. Those friends have also become a part of our lives and have added dimension and meaning to everything we do. Words can't express the love that you feel when someone shares those special moments with you; moments that mean so much and moments where memories are made. There were also those friends who could not be there, but celebrated with us in spirit and followed the journey, sharing every moment and participating in the celebration as well.

That's what life is all about. Sharing memories with those you love. Making memories and investing your life in the lives of others. Without those connections, there truly is no purpose in living. And without opening your heart to that love, you can't be complete or feel fulfilled. When it's all said and done, those memories and those relationships are the reason we all keep on keeping on.

The wedding was a rollercoaster of emotions. But there was also an added dimension to the emotions: saying goodbye to some friends that we have come to care about and love at the Las Vegas Hilton. Because of one of those special friends, I was able to attend Saturday night's Manilow show with my husband. It was his first, and honestly, I've lost count on how many it was for me. It was one of those rare nights that you just knew you would never experience again. Barry was nostalgic and reminiscent about the past 5 years of shows and sad that it would be coming to an end. And while I honestly feel it's time for him to move on, it was sad to have to say goodbye to so many people at the Hilton that we have come to appreciate and care about. The Hilton has become our home away from home and the people there have become our family. You could feel that Barry felt the same way and it was expressed in the tone of the show and in the songs he chose: Best of Me, I've Never Been So Low on Love, Ships and finally in the finale, One Voice.

Hearing a song from Paradise CafĂ© was a unique treat. It's those rare moments that make Barry's shows so special. You never know what gem he will throw in that will make a lasting memory. The song he chose just underscored that melancholy feeling that seemed to permeate the Hilton and the theater that night. When he sat on a stool and sang Best of Me it tore my heart open. I’ve never heard that song performed live and that night was one of those rare emotional moments between Barry and his fans that only happen during the shows. Again, I wanted to cry, but having my husband there made it difficult to release those emotions. He wouldn’t understand. He couldn’t feel what I felt. He could not relate to all the emotions I was experiencing that night.

Leaving the Hilton can be much more than closing a door. It's time for Barry to spend some time on himself; focus on what matters most in life; fulfill some dreams that might seem beyond his grasp; and take some time to recharge and renew. It’s time for Mr. Manilow to focus on Mr. Manilow: search for the meaning of life; spend some time in thought; and get some of those emotions out that seem to be bubbling on the surface. As my good friend YBA always tells me: it’s time to spend some time on “me”; and Barry is no exception.

Have I finally been able to cry? Yes. As I wrote this post the tears started falling and I’m sure they will continue for the next several days. Not all my tears are sad; some of them are tears of release, happiness, and reliving some wonderful memories. Some of them are tears related to friendship and others are for my family and the joy that they bring me.

My journey with Barry began in March of 2006 and it’s produced some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. But I wouldn’t trade a single moment of any of those memories. It seems only fitting that the happiest day of my life would be followed by the last concert at the Hilton. A beginning…followed by an ending. There’s some symmetry in it all.

Feeling nostalgic,
Texas Fan

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weddings, Relatives, and everything in between

This is the week that my daughter finally says "I do" to the man of her dreams. It's going to be an absolutely beautiful ceremony with an absolutely beautiful bride. All the drama (and yes there was drama) will be worth it when she walks down that aisle and smiles one of her biggest smiles.

I've watched those reality shows on television about weddings and it always baffled my mind as to how things could get so complicated. Believe me, now I know. I think it's because you are dealing with so many people with so many emotions and trying to coordinate with so many wedding vendors. It escalates into drama after drama, when all you really wanted to do was have a nice, simple wedding. Fat chance.

Hopefully, the drama will NOT continue at the wedding. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and keeping some people separated as best I can to avoid the conflict. It seems no matter how hard I try, there is always conflict.

God willing, and the stars are all aligned, I will get to drop in on a Manilow show while I am there. Perhaps my family will let me sneak away for a few hours (shhh...don't tell them).

Finally finished packing and now it's Vegas baby!
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Message from Barry

Hi everyone

Well, things certainly have gotten exciting around here!

On the one hand, I'm really sorry to have caused so much pandemonium by postponing and canceling a few shows.On the other hand, I'm very glad that these shows mean so much to you.

Frankly, I'm not exactly sure whether the upset is that I cancelled a few shows or the way I cancelled them.

It seems to me that as soon as my doctors scheduled my surgery, I posted the rescheduling information with enough time for everyone to make new plans. After all, it's only a few shows, I thought.

The doctors tell me that I need between four and six weeks to recuperate so canceling six Hilton shows didn't seem like such a big deal and since the San Diego/Sacramento shows hadn't really been on sale for too long, it didn't seem as if that would cause too many people a lot of trouble.

But I guess I was wrong. So sorry if I was wrong. I really wasn't going to announce my personal, private hip troubles again, but I guess I have to since the freaking out seems to be getting out of hand.

You know, my friends, we're only human. I know many of you think I'm not, but stuff happens to humans. Deaths in the family, sicknesses, technical problems, late arrivals, etc. We all do the best we possibly can all the time to never disappoint you. But stuff happens to us humans. And as hard as we try, we just can't always be perfect.

Out of all the complaints there were only two people who wrote, "I hope Barry's okay". Only two. That was an eye-opener.

You must believe that when things like this happen- cancellations, postponements, delays - there is always a legitimate and unmovable reason for them.

You all must know by now, that me, Garry, John, Marc, Vicki, Kirsten and everyone at Stiletto take your loyalty and friendship very, very seriously and with the utmost responsibility.
If things like this happen, you have to know by now that we have looked at every way to fix problems and that there is absolutely nothing that we can do before we make decisions like this. We all know that it's going to cause people to be upset and it kills us to have to change things.

Causing you guys pain and upset is awful for all of us. We would never make these decisions if there were any other way out.

Once again, my sincere apology to anyone who has been affected by my personal problems.
I'll try to recover as fast as I can.


Just a few comments:
1-We aren't inhuman. Of course we wish him well and would never want him to be in pain.
2-All of this could have been alleviated by simply saying: Sorry guys, need to have some surgery. Be back in 6 weeks.
3-Here's what he said just a few days ago:
"I’ve been getting comments about how thin I look these days. That’s me. Skinny guy. But I’m healthy and filled with energy and thank goodness, I still have my hair! So please don’t be concerned about me."
3-Perhaps one day Stiletto will learn that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
4-Personal message to Barry: Please take care of yourself and if it's time to get off the stage and work on creative projects, we completely understand. We will miss you, but, your health ALWAYS comes first!

Texas Fan

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meltdown in Manilowland

It's finally happened...the fans are in meltdown mode. Rumors are flying about Barry leaving the Hilton. On top of that he's canceled shows, "rescheduled" arena concerts, and FINALLY canceled the Platinums from last June. You would think the world was coming to an end. And while the s**t is hitting the fan, the administrators are busy deleting posts and negative comments.

Gotta love the censored world of Manilow. What is also amazing is the people who believed Barry could do no wrong are now on the receiving end of the wrong doing and not too happy about it. It's funny how your perspective changes when you're the one getting the mistreatment.

My personal favorite: send out a Hotline about all the "great" projects coming up and then send out one the next day about cancellations. FYI Stiletto...while you may think fans are Maniloonies, we are NOT idiots. We are on to your so called ploys to pacify the bad news with good. Eventually, you'll cross that line, as you have with so many, and lose all of our business. But, I guess you're motto is: there's a sucker born every minute. And perhaps you are right.

One thing is for certain--things are NEVER dull in Manilowland!

Eyes wide open,
Texas Fan
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