Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grammys, Gaga and whatever happened to music?

I know this won't be a popular opinion, but whatever happened to music? I'm seriously underwhelmed by Lady Gaga. Why can't a singer/musician/songwriter stand out because of their talent? Why does it always have to be some sort of extravaganza to get people's attention?

I have to ask myself what it was like during the planning session for Lady Gaga's entrance. Do you think anyone actually had the nerve to tell her she's crazy? Or did they all just nod their heads and agree to anything she wanted? After the awards people were saying how cool that was and how she's such a music innovator. Are you kidding me? If this is the future of music we have all lost our minds.

Perhaps I'm showing my age by asking these questions, but I honestly can't believe the 2 1/2 hour parade of music that I watched the other night. There were a few bright spots: the medley of Aretha Franklin songs and Barbra Streisand's appearance (although you could tell she was nervous and her voice was not at its best). But the four letter word bleeps from some of the songs and the Justin Bieber performance made me wonder why oh why I was even wasting my time.

I long for the days when the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and some of the famous jazz musicians were honored. Did you see everyone's faces when Justin Bieber didn't win the best new artist? Esperanza who? That was, for me, priceless. Maybe all those people who went searching for her afterwards will learn a little bit about music. Maybe Lady Gaga should spend less time with the sideshow and more time developing some "new" music--especially since her song sounded awfully like Madonna's song from the 80's.

Barry didn't win, but he had some stiff competition. You couldn't go anywhere during the last few months of the year without hearing Michael Buble's "Haven't met you yet" playing in the stores and on the radios. It was a fair win and at least someone who knew how to sing beat the guy who writes the songs.

Enough ranting for tonight,
Texas Fan

P.S. After Sunday, I can't wait for 15 Minutes to rock the music world!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wishing 15 Minutes was here in 15 Minutes

It's finished. The much anticipated, highly awaited ORIGINAL album that Barry's been promising for a year. It's here. Tonight, on Barry's Facebook Fan page, these comments were posted:

Today, Barry invited his management team, agents, BMIFC staff, and friends to a special listening party of FIFTEEN MINUTES in Hollywood, CA. Here is what some of the attendees said about the new album after they heard it:

“WOW! Not what I was expecting…I can’t wait to hear it again!”

“The album’s story is so very real…I was emotionally invested throughout!”

“Immensely creative and incredibly relevant to today's world of celebrity.”

"I kept getting goose bumps! Sometimes it was a touching lyric, sometimes from a beautiful melody, sometimes from a powerful guitar solo. I loved that there were so many different elements to the songs, I was constantly being surprised."

I only have four words to say, "How about a listen????"
Texas Fan
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