Friday, September 30, 2011

Am I mean or am I just a beacon of truth

As one of my friends put it on a Facebook post, "you've had quite a week". It didn't surprise me that I caught tons of flack for my last post. I have come to expect it in the Manilow world. Descenting opinions are always looked upon with hateful vengeance and passive/aggressive behavior. I would much rather they just leave a negative comment than go around Facebook and Twitter posting veiled statements about how mean I am and how it's not nice to attack people. At least I could confront them one on one instead of hearing from friends that "so and so is not happy with you" or "so and so is really upset with your post".

Here's my advice: start your own blog. Convince me I'm wrong. Leave a comment and let's debate the topic. I'm open to discussion.

The problem is, I know that won't happen. Because as I said on a Facebook post, "No matter how hard you try to make people see the light, they just won't get it until it suddenly becomes dark.
" I don't care so much that they are upset with me. I have grown some thick skin being a part of this crazy Manilow fandom. I learned a long time ago that my opinion is my opinion and if I feel like it's important to write about it, I will.

If you are so convinced I am wrong, then why spend so much of your time defending your position? I don't waste my time arguing with anyone who isn't open to a different opinion and you shouldn't waste your time combating mine.

Here's some more advice. If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it. Don't waste your time here or anywhere else reading anything I say. If you believe I'm mean, or hateful, or cruel, then don't bother with me. Trust me, I won't lose any sleep over not convincing you otherwise.

And when the darkness falls and you finally see the light, I'll still be here speaking the truth and willing to become friends.

Delete the bookmark. Don't come here anymore. Don't read my tweets or Facebook posts. You'll be happier. I won't notice. And you can go on living in your own little dream world of unreality.

See you when the light comes on,
Texas Fan

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy Manilow fans on Facebook

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted here. What can I say? Life, work, children, a grandchild and other activities consume most of my free time these days. I keep loose track of the goings on in the Manilow world still, mostly via Facebook and Twitter. I rarely, if ever, sign on to the Manilow Network or the Barrynet any more.

Today, instead of focusing on the album, his show (will he won't he stay in Vegas) and his song journals on YouTube (which I LOVE), or his recent decision to become a spokesperson for AFib (commendable), it's time for another rant. What can I say, I'm in a rant kind of a mood today.

The topic? What else...crazy fans. Specifically crazy fans on Facebook. I actually think they all moved over there once Barry started writing notes on his Facebook page. It's like bees to honey, buzzards hovering over a kill, or college students showing up anywhere beer is served. Wherever he goes, they will follow. And here's the even more annoying fact...not only do they follow him, they latch on to his friends, collaborators and the people that work for him; "friending" away in hopes that one day he will notice them. Or make a connection with someone in his "inner circle" that might get them in there too.

What got me started today? A fan posted on Suzanne Somer's wall on a comment she made about having dinner with Barry last night. I knew when I saw that, the crazies would be there--and of course, they were. One "well intentioned fan" proceeded to tell her about a procedure that a relative had done for Afib, where it was done, and how successful it was and asked if she could pass the information along to Barry. Ok...I'm sure it was well intentioned. But come on people. When are we going to let the guy live his own life?

While I'm at it, why do these same fans have conversations with each other on his post feeds? Isn't that what private messaging is for or even personal wall posts? Why do they find it necessary to go back and forth on one of his "notes" to one another as if they were having a one-on-one conversation?

This whole fan world continues to make me shake my head in complete unbelief. You would think that after almost five years I would accept the fact that it defies all sense of human reason, but the rational person in me can't seem to understand it or come to terms with its craziness.

Barry says he likes Ron Paul (well, not really), but let's all jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon. Barry likes dogs, let's all go out and get a dog (a Beagle or a Lab). Barry likes jazz, let's all become jazz fans. Barry eats at Mon Ami Gambi, let's all make that our favorite restaurant. Barry has an iPhone, let's run out and get one. Barry makes a "boob" comment in a show, let's all wear low cut dresses to the shows and wear inappropriate clothing for our ages. You get the picture.

Here's a cold hard fact: Barry has a life and he could care less about what you and I do while we are living ours. "Friending" his friends, posting on their walls, or cozying up to them in Vegas isn't going to get you into his life. What did he tell a recent interviewer, "you only become a part of my private life if I invite you in." These tactics are NOT going to get you an invitation.

Rant over,
Texas Fan

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