Sunday, January 28, 2007

Madison Square Garden

I just realized that I have not posted my thoughts on my trip to the Big Apple to see Barry at the Garden on January 16th. My treck from Texas to New York City via Boston was a wonderful travel experience. I always love flying and I got to take a train from Boston to New York. I absolutely love riding on trains!

Once in New York, I departed the train station for a crisp New York walk to my hotel. After getting my bearings, I headed down 31st toward Broadway and enjoyed once again all the sights and sounds of New York. Gosh I love that city! After finding my hotel, The Broadway Plaza, I checked in and joined my friend for an afternoon of sight seeing and checking out the Garden.

We looked frevently for some type of signage advertising Barry's show, but there was none to be found. We thought it odd that there was nothing to advertise 3 nights of concerts, but apparently there was signage at Times Square. We did however find an unusual sign painted on the wall outside the Garden. It said, "The Best Seat in the House Belongs to Me" and had an arrow pointing downward. My friend spotted it and we immediately took advantage of the great photo opportunity. It served to get us excited about the evening's festivities.

For dinner we had reservations at Nick and Steph's restaurant at the Garden. Great food and great location. After dinner we were ushered up to a private entrance to the Garden and quickly found our seats. It was 7:45 and the show was set to begin at 8pm. The arena was EMPTY. The section that our seats were in was completely empty, except for the two of us. As time progressed, people trickled in, but still not a sell out. Our section remained empty until intermission when people moved down from the rafters. Ticketmaster...I don't understand their philosophy of ticket sales!

Right here, right now.....the show began and WOW. Barry never disappoints. Some highlights:
Weekend In New England---amazing performance
Could It Be Magic-never tire of hearing the extended version of this song
Dave Koz-what an unexpected treat
Moon River with Dave Koz-love that song and that rendition
New costumes-for the girls, Kye and even Barry
I Made It Through the Rain-jazz it!

Before we knew it the evening was over and the crowd dispersed. We did not receive a One Voice encore. Probably because the crowd was not that enthusiastic and his hips seemed to be bothering him earlier. The show was over too soon, even though it's longer than the Vegas version. After traveling miles to see "the man", I was not disappointed and would travel back to Texas with a smile on my face and another Barry experience to add to my memories.

Until next time Barry..
Signing off for now,
Texas Fanilow

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fanilow or Fanatic?

I just finished reading a "love letter" to Barry from an obcessed fan. I'm in shock! I think she has crossed the line from enjoying the man and his music to the category of potential threat.

Here is the link:

Seriously folks, this is scary. In her letter she says, "does this scare you?" Heck yes it scares me and I'm not even Barry. To be delusional enough to actually think that Barry feels the way she does (sick as it might be) puts her in the category of John Lennon's assassin.

Although this letter is dated 1998, I'm sure it's not the only one he receives along those lines. And every night that he performs at the Hilton, thousands of fans pile through those doors to get a glimpse of him. If you want to, you can purchase a ticket to sit on the stage close enough to touch him. The only thing separating you from him is a metal rail. Anyone could climb over the rail and harm him before security has a chance to respond.

Is it time for Barry to stop interacting with his fans? Let's hope not. He is one of the few musicians that have an interactive relationship with fans. However, perhaps it's time for Barry to beef up his security. Maybe it's time to add those metal detectors or xray machines at the entrance to the theatre. The "fanilow" that wrote the letter may be attending his Music and Passion shows at the Hilton on a regular basis. You just never know!

Sobering thoughts,
Texas Fanilow

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007..the year of Manilow!

It's a new year and once again time to reflect. The typically old cliches are everywhere: out with the old, in with the new; leave your past behind; build a bridge and move on; and what's done is done. Even though each of them makes sense, I choose a more appropriate one: sieze the day.

On the Mayflower CD, my all-time Barry favorite, there is a song that speaks to me this year more than ever: Come Monday. Come monday my life starts again, my new point of view is beginning. That's my moto for life starts again with a new point of view. And that point of view is to HAVE FUN and TAKE RISKS. On Manilow Talks, Barry says that's the meaning of have fun. I agree 100 percent. Have fun, lighten up and take risks. Life is too short to waste one single moment of it worrying or fretting over the "what ifs!"

I'm looking forward to more Manilow adventures, meeting new friends, finishing my books, and whatever else God may have in store for me. Change is on the horizon and in 2007 my life starts again!

To 2007 and following the advice of Mr. Manilow!
Texas Fanilow

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