Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is this guy?

I told my Twitter might not recognize Manilow tonight on QVC because his new 15 Minutes music is ROCKING AWESOME. That's right--AWESOME. If you think you know Manilow, think again!

Where do I begin? The guitar solos, the rocking feel of the upbeat songs, the gut-wrenching ballads that can rip your heart out. And that's just from the few songs we got to hear tonight. I can't even begin to imagine what the entire album will be like when it all flows together.

This album is why the fans kept begging and pleading for original music; and Barry hit this one out of the ballpark...home run...bases loaded...bottom of the 9th!

And could see his excitement. He was like a kid in a candy store. He is so proud of this album and has every right to be--it's beyond amazing, it's spectacular!

So let's shout it to the world--Twitter, Facebook, on our blogs. MANILOW ROCKS!

Texas Fan

P.S. The fans knew he had it in him all along! Who is this guy? It's MANILOW!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is what gives Manilow fans a bad name

I was on Twitter tonight and I did a #Manilow search, just to see who was talking about him. Much to my surprise, I came across this post:

And this my friends is what gives Manilow fans and Barry a bad name. Why is that every time someone expresses discontent with something he does, the fans have to go into attack mode? This poor woman was disappointed that he cancelled. Come on...we've all felt that disappointment, even the fans. We may not post about it (although I have), but we feel it. She was using her blog to vent. Like it or not, it's her right. Instead of just a few people reading it, now she's broadcasting it on Twitter for the world to see.

Come on people...let's lighten up. This is NOT the time to go into attack mode. He has an album coming out. Use your common sense before you personally attack someone over their own comments about Barry. Let them have their opinion and you have yours.

Texas Fan

A great interview/chat with Barry

The media blitz continues and here's one of the best interview/chats I've ever heard. Why? Because the fans asked some great questions. If you have 30 minutes, be sure to listen to it.

The more he talks about this album, the more excited I'm getting about the QVC preview!

Til later,
Texas Fan

Footnote: Here's another great interview:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fame...can you take it?

Yes. I admit. I watched some of the clips. Dang Barry's voice sounds strained. That can't be good considering he has QVC in just a few days. Here's hoping all the medication he's taking whips his vocal chords into shape, or he begs off and just "lip syncs" it. Yes...I said the awful words. But hey, why push it? After all, without the pipes he can't promote the album on every single talk show in the country for the next several weeks.

I bet you thought I wasn't going to mention the apology on Facebook. Gotcha.

Yes, I read the apology for the recent cancellations in Vegas. Do I think it was sincere? Absolutely. Much like "you had me at hello", Barry had me when he started off the message "I'm so sorry" and ended it with "please forgive me".

You will recall, several of the bloggers begged (and I mean begged) Stiletto to be frank with the fans regarding past cancellations.

Why the sudden change?
  1. Facebook has become a "safe" place to communicate with the fans
  2. A new CD is coming out on an independent label and it's not a good time to have disgruntled fans
  3. They finally listened and realized that honesty is always the best policy
You choose which of the three you believe is the real reason. Personally, I would like to think it's #3, but time will tell as the future unfolds.

Before I close, I would like to say that I hope Barry takes care of himself AND that 15 Minutes gets the airplay it deserves.

Over and out,
Texas Fan

Thursday, May 19, 2011

15 Minutes-Be Still My Heart!

I just listened to the song sampling on Barnes and Noble's site for the new album. From just these few short snippets I can tell this album is going to ROCK MY WORLD. It's been a VERY long time since I've been this excited about any new music that was coming out. But after listening to the short takes of the new album, the release date can't get here fast enough.

I have to say that there is quite a buzz about it on Twitter and Facebook, and the blogs are all talking about how much they are looking forward to its release. I hope that the music world finally recognizes the genius that is in Barry's musical repertoire and realizes that he is so much more than a pop artist.

Whatever happens, I hope Barry knows that his fans appreciate this gift and that we will do our best to send out the best of vibes for him and for the album's success.

What's my favorite so far? Just from the clips, it's "Work the Room" and "Winner Go Down". And "Letter from a Fan" is going to be quite interesting. Just from the first few lines I can already recognize some familiar "fan" statements.

Waiting impatiently for it to arrive in my hot little hands!
Texas Fan

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