Thursday, June 14, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

After a month of traveling all around, it's good to be home. At the end of May, I decided to hop on a plane to Las Vegas with my Barry buddy. I had a ticket to one show and was going to stay two nights and hop on the red eye back to Texas after the show.

I had a ticket to the Tuesday night show and let me just say his voice was as strong as I have heard it in quite awhile. Which is strange because he was getting sick. He belted out I Am Your Child and Even Now with gusto and as I listened I was reminded that it really is the music that brings me back time after time. I don't think there is another performer that can interpret the music with such passion and emotional depth.

You leave his shows saying, "wow...he did it again". And your feet carry you to the box office the next day to see if a good seat is available, just to experience another night of inspiration from the the man who connects with every emotion we have ever felt.

Thanks Barry for once again reminding me that there is nothing like a Manilow moment.

Looking forward to the next trip,
Texas Fanilow

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