Sunday, September 21, 2008

The New Vault Song

Barry has struck a chord this time. A deep-seated chord. Who among us hasn't felt betrayed by someone we trusted? How do you put it into words? I think it's impossible. Enter the musician/composer. The one who feels the music and knows how to use that music to express gut level emotion.

"Friend of the Devil" does just that from the strong bass and minor chords throughout until the very last note. It takes the words that Adrienne Anderson wrote down and it carries them into the depths of the soul of the listener. The melody and the lyrics combined go around searching for that feeling; that emotion that has long since been stuffed down into the corners of the heart. It's a feeling that only the music can find. This song makes its way like a surgeon into the hidden parts and seeks to cut out the cancer that has been festering there, undetected and unnoticed until the music finds it--hiding and hoping to continue growing until it destroys its host.

This new vault song is pure genius. And not only is it genius, it's new and fresh and different. It's what draws us in and keeps us wanting more. It's why we keep begging for original music. It's where his heart comes out and its in his music that we truly see his passion. ass awesome. Powerful and daring--damn straight!
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

Ya got that right! I wore out Stiletto's server playing it over a bunch of times. (So if the traffic was heavy this afternoon - sorry, my bad.)
Pete liked it as well. And can I mention my personal timing one more time? Exorcised a few demons for me too. (Pun intended.)

Survivor said...

I finally got the space to listen to it and first play, I love it!
It is different from his feel-good songs, as he calls them, but it is good and says a lot about being betrayed by someone you loved and trusted!

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