Sunday, March 7, 2010

The NEW Manilow show and social media

(photo provided by @SkiManilow via Twitter)

Here's a perfect example why I absolutely LOVE social media. Last night we got some early "peeks" at the show via @Robin_Leach (posting videos) and @SkiManilow (with a great picture) on Twitter. Then, Sue Johnson on Facebook posted an early review of the show. Social media lets those who are there share their experiences sooner via their mobile messaging capabilities in social media. It's great for the fans. Great for Barry. And great for The Paris. It's a win/win situation all around.

What's also great was the use of social media when the show had to be canceled. Paris Las Vegas got the word out quickly via Facebook and Twitter (letting everyone know just as soon as the decision was made). They also provided information about the rescheduling as well. Such a difference from the lack of communication when problems occurred at the Hilton.

You can find the links to the videos and pictures on the MMN today, but experiencing them LIVE was a real treat for me. And witnessing the way Paris Las Vegas used social media to communicate with the fans was even greater.

Kudos to Paris Las Vegas, Robin Leach and Barry for providing a GREAT opening night of shows!
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

The Paris did a fantastic job of keeping everyone in the loop and informed.
It saved a lot of worry on the part of the fans and all but completely eliminated (there will always be one or two who will be negative regardless) all the speculation that was so prevalent during Barry's Hilton run.
I sincerely hope they continue with this same policy throughout Barry's residency.
Hats off to them for a job well done... and to Barry, cast and crew for two great shows last night!

Frannews said...

Great write-up Suzanne! I hope the positive social media with regard to Barry and his run at Paris Las Vegas will continue.
I swear if I lived in Vegas, I'd go to a Manilow show at least once a month! And, I'd be happy to report on every single show. .

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