Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Voice "with a Twist"

Honestly, there isn't anything better than pure Manilow and One Voice is pure Manilow. Combine the genius of the simplicity of One Voice with the clear, pure tones of the voices in Straight No Chaser and you've got what I like to call PERFECTION.

You can listen to the full song at along with the other wonderful songs on this album. These guys are talented with a CAPITAL T! And they were SMART with a CAPITAL S to do this song. It matches their voices AND it showcases one of Barry's masterpieces.

But then again, we all knew he was a genius--sometimes it's great to hear it once again.

Run don't walk to buy this album!
(Listening and re-listening to that song tonight)
Texas Fan

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Anonymous said...

I went with friends to the Los Angeles benefit for the high school of performing arts on Saturday, April 17. Barry sang "One Voice" with the students as choir. It was amazing, his voice was perfect and those students are so talented. Fabulous show and wonderful performances.


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