Friday, January 21, 2011

That Manilow Magic strikes again

It's been awhile. Life tends to happen. Work tends to happen. This blog seems to take a back seat lately to all my other internet ramblings.

But today I wanted to share a story of a guy who used to poke fun at my Manilow mania. I was around him quite often during my years of what I like to call (falling off the limb fandom). Barry was all I talked about and all I did in my spare time. Everyone around me got pretty tired of the obsession. Looking back, I can't say that I blame them.

But last night, my guy friend, got drug (probably unwillingly) to a concert with a friend of his. I had no idea he would be there but his Facebook page showed a status update:

"Two minutes to Barry yep, you read right.
I'm 6th row at a Barry Manilow concert. so random. so great"

Later, some pictures showed up with these comments:

"Unreal...legendary" AND "tremendous show"

Yep, Barry has made another convert. From what I heard from my friend, and Lori (read her great blog post), this was one amazing night. It never ceases to amaze me how the music gets them every time. It may be uncool to be a Manilow fan, but once you experience the Manilow Magic live and in person, you're hooked. Plus, I'm sure the orchestra didn't hurt. His music comes alive when he has all those instruments to work with!

Thanks for the memories Andy and for the joy of seeing another guy get sucked into the music.

Over and out,
Texas Fan


Jill said...

It's not "cool" for a guy to like or be seen at a Manilow concert but once in, they enjoy it. They might even admit it.

Anonymous said...

My husband has seen 7 Manilow shows in Vegas, the last was August 2010 and it was HIS suggestion. I understand what people say and feel about Barry, I really do, but if they only knew the musical genius he really is, and that he is far beyond "Mandy" and "Copa", they would be pleasantly surprised.


texas_fan said...

It's annoying when people prejudge him by what they perceive about him. If you just get past the preconceived notions of who you think he is or how he looks and listen to the music, really listen, it's rare that a person goes away without changing their opinion. If they keep an open mind.

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