Friday, March 11, 2011

Bring on Tomorrow

It happened. Hell finally froze over. This is indeed a day to remember. The long awaited ORIGINAL album made it's debut today in the UK via ONE song--Bring on Tomorrow on a radio show. As I listened to it, it reminded why I love his music so much. Let's hope that everyone else who hears it agrees with the fans and that he and Enoch Anderson have a #1 hit from the songs in this album.

If the rest of the album is anything like this song, we have much to anticipate and look forward to.

Melting in Texas,
Texas Fan

Here's the song list Via Michael Lloyd on Twitter:
the order: 1. 15 minutes. 2. work the room 3. bring on tommorrow 4. now it's for real 5. wine song 6. he's a star 7. written in stone 8. letter from a fan/so heavy so high 9. everybody's leaving 10. who needs you 11. winner go down 12. slep
...t thru the end of the world 13. trainwreck 14. 15 minutes reprise

P.S. Like what you hear and want the song? You can purchase it at:

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Lori said...

Well said Suzanne! I will be right there beside you, fingers crossed and doing all that I can to help make this new album the huge success that it deserves to be. I fell in love with 'Bring on Tomorrow' before Barry even sang the first word and am looking forward to hearing the rest of this much anticipated album of Barry's original music!

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