Saturday, October 15, 2011

Looks like this answers everyone's questions

This was lifted from what I assume was the alt-fan site since that's where Garry likes to post. Then it was posted on Barry's Facebook page:

"I don't think anyone is angry at Vegas.....we started with a one year deal at the Hilton and ended up staying in town for seven. Everyone has a had a blast and its a great city to work/live/play/and eat. But seven years also means we havent been able to do a lot of the other things we would like to do....some of which will be announced in the next few weeks...and some of which have had to be postponed because of constant Vegas conflicts. Fortunately....the offers from around the world.....including Vegas...have arrived in droves. Sorting through them all has been a blast. And for the record....the MMP was started before Vegas and has raised more money outside of Vegas. The M&P broadcast happened because of Lauara Savini at PBS and Mark Grove & Troy Queen at STILETTO Television. And lastly....I think everyone has forgotten that Barry was on a soldout arena tour in the Fall....on the heels of a Top 3 album....before we decided to consider an offer from the Hilton. I'd love to say that the Hilton but Barry on top....but I think the Hilton Executives would argue just the opposite.
Hope that helps clarify things...
All best...

I guess if you read between the lines and add the tweet from Rob Shuter, he's leaving Vegas. Personally, I think it's time; although selfishly I wish I could make it back just one more time for old times sake.

Perhaps it's not just time for Barry to move on. Perhaps it's time for ALL of us to move on with our lives.
Texas Fan


Jill said...

Interesting. Guess I'll have to scratch that one off my bucket list if he won't be there if or when I can go. Oh well...

NighDarke said...

What is the alt fansite? Barry might end up missing Vegas and go back later. Or not. I'm surprised he stayed there as long as he did. Personally, I think he needs to do what he feels is right for him whether it upsets some fans or not. He simply can't please everyone and he shouldn't even try. As long as he's happy it's all good IMO.

texas_fan said...

The alt-fan website is a message board that has been around forever. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I do think it's time too, but I'm holding out on some concerts here and there all over the country and the world. That would be awesome. I don't think Barry could just STOP.


texas_fan said...

My DREAM would be Manilow and a piano. No orchestra or backups...just him, his music and his amazing way of delivering the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Vegas holds some great memories but it may be time for Barry to move on and do the projects he wants. It sounds like he really put on great shows in the recent locations he just did and maybe that is the option that might satisfy the need to perform live.

Did anyone think that Barry might just have his own bucket list that he would like to accomplish? This could be both personal and professional. Might explain the international travel options that could be part of his options! Above all he is the one who needs to be happy in the twilight of his career.

However, there is one compelling question that remains. What in the world will some of these fans do without their
frequent trips to Vegas? Nothing to plan for will leave them with nothing to do. Will they now spend their days
watching DVDs and scrolling through their endless photos?
Credit cards will sit idle, retail outlets will see profits decline,
and frequent flier miles will come to a standstill. Can our
economy bear to take the hit? Sorry for the sarcasm but maybe Barry needs a break from some of the madness
that has followed him during his Vegas stint. The intrusion on his life was amazing and the lack of kindness from
some fans towards others was reminiscent of high school. Maybe the fan world can go back to being a bit more
dignified and people can return to being nice which is what Barry has asked from the fans.

Change isn't always bad. New music and new memories
can be on the horizon if we just open our eyes and hearts.

texas_fan said...

You're right. Perhaps the psychiatrists in many local areas might see an influx of patients on their couches trying to find a way to cope with the emptiness in their lives.

Or children might get their mothers back after losing them to Vegas. Or husbands might get their wives back.

There is a whole plethora of good that could come out of him leaving Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I see your point. The economy could be boosted in the psychiatric end and the pharmaceuticals. Children might be thrilled to reclaim contact with a parent. However, are you sure the husbands will be thrilled to get the wives back? In the end they will still probably lose them to endless DVD's, monthly Manilow TV, rearrangement of the shrines in the house, and filtering through the computer for any tidbit on him.

There is something to ponder.

texas_fan said...

ROFLMAO. Thanks for a good belly laugh this afternoon. :>)

Anonymous said...

Happy to oblige! You know it's the truth, though.

Anonymous said...

It's even more painful than usual to read the BarryNet these days, especially now that everybody is mourning over the possibility of Barry leaving Vegas. He won't vanish from the planet, he's just thinking of newer adventures to please him and to please his fans IMO. There is one poster on the BarryNet who has come to terms with this possibility and has been in touch with reality, but then she was lambasted by the onslaught of the most overly-obsessed.

What's even sadder is that some fans won't get to see each other as often as they'd like. Vegas was their meeting place and always involved Barry. If Barry leaves, where will they go? What will they talk about? They will have nothing in common and their "love" for each other may be in jeopardy. Talking about their children, homes, husbands and the price of chickens at the supermarket just won't cut it.

Maybe there will be a national day of mourning for some who just couldn't function otherwise.

This is going to be interesting.

Survivor said...

I am loving the comments on this one! Anonymous is saying what others are thinking!

NighDarke said...

Barry has told his fans for years to not have their world revolve around HIM, but rather to simply enjoy his music and go about living their lives. Many didn't listen. They should have.

Anonymous said...

In the wake of Barry's announcement tonight, I reread the last lines of your post and they are words that many should hear right now. I know that saying that is completely crazy to the extreme fans, but it is time for everyone to move on with their lives.

Do you think that maybe some of the fans are taking this so hard and so personally is because they have only based their friendships on their time spent in Vegas and around Barry? Do you think that once he leaves the stage, the lights go out and the theater doors close that it may be the same for these friendships? Will some of these extreme fans know how to enter back into reality and the world they once occupied with real people who use to be the center of their lives before all this madness happened? Do these people know how to have a conversation that doesn't completely center around Barry, DVD's, Radio Manilow and Manilow TV? Can they go back and find photo albums that don't possess 1000 shots of Barry in the same pose, but instead have the faces of the people who truly love them? Do you think they can name 10 personal facts about each other? Oh wait, I should take that down to 5 facts, 10 is far too ambitious! When you sit back and think about this behavior it really is very pathetic and sad.

Can you imagine what Barry is going to have to deal with on the last show? A sight one can only imagine. I hope that those over-the-top fans will keep their emotions in check and remain dignified. If not for themselves, then at least for Barry.

The future looks bright and it looks like Barry is relieved to have this chapter of his career done. He will be free in so many ways. Now he can write the remaining chapters which we should look forward to with enthusiasm because he will be doing what will bring him personal and professional satisfaction.

Still wondering if the husbands are prepared for Barry's departure?

texas_fan said...

You ask some very pointed questions. I don't know the answers but I would guess that it's going to have a profound affect on their lives.

About the husbands looking forward to this? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

There's a post on the BarryNet about whose friendships will suffer and whose will last because of Barry's decision to quit Vegas. The poster(s) feel that their love for each other will continue.

"So what'd you do today?" "Nothing, what about you?" "Nothing." "Ok, see ya. Bye."

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