Monday, February 25, 2013

A Fanilow Fan Frenzy

I don't think I could add anything to this. Except to say this did not shock me in the least. Some things in the fan world never, ever change.

Those Fanilows sure are feisty!

Barry Manilow’s loyal fans were out in full force on a recent night at the restaurant TAO, where the legendary 69-year-old singer dined after performing nearby in “Manilow on Broadway.”

“Several groups of women were beside themselves trying to get to the table for photos and autographs,” a witness at the midtown hotspot told us. “TAO management had to keep fans at bay to allow the group a quiet meal.”

That said, a 15-year-old girl sitting near Brooklyn-born Manilow and his group managed to “slip by” management and ask Manilow for a photo, which he “gladly” posed for, the source said.

Just how many photos do you need?

Not surprised,
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

Imagine what this weekend will be like. I'm sure the top level fanatics will stop at nothing to get to him, while embarrassing themselves in the process. Oh wait, it's just about having fun, fulfilling dreams or some other poor excuse for grown adults to behave in such a foolish way.

This weekend might be perfect for him to buy out a night at a restaurant and enjoy time with his friends or go back to the suite and order fabulous room service.

When will this ever stop?

texas_fan said...

To answer your question--it will never stop. At least his run in New York is almost over. Then perhaps he can breathe; at least until his next concert or until he goes back to Palm Springs and is confronted with that batch of women.

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