Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A fitting tribute

Garry Kief posted this on the alt-fan site:

"Fran's photographs were a reflection of the love and goodness that was in her heart. All of us at STILETTO would look forward to what she had to share with us and with friends around the world. Though she might be gone in body, her heart and soul live on in the photographs that brought us all such joy. Thank you to everyone who has honored her memory by your contribution to the Manilow Music Project. Someday, some kid, somewhere, will bring music to the world because of you...and because of Fran."

As I said earlier today; Fran had CLASS. That's something that is a rare commodity in the Manilow fan world these days. It's nice to know that we (her friends) aren't the only ones that recognized it. We should all take a page from her book.

Today there were posts on Barry's Facebook page about "saving the bamms for us when we come next week." Fran would have scoffed at that behavior. As I said, she was one classy lady.

The fan world will miss her and I will miss her wit, her wisdom and her candor.

Rest in peace Fran and know that you left a part of yourself with each of us.
Texas Fan

For those of you who wish to honor Fran by making a donation to the Manilow Music Project here is the direct link:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this, Suzanne. It brings tears to your eyes when you read it. It's obvious that she captured the heart of many with her kindness, gift of her heart, and the classy manner in which she did things. It did not go unnoticed by her friends, other fans and especially Barry's management. She is the one who got IT. Some fans could take a chapter out of her book as an example of how to get IT!
Fran, like many other fans, know that you don't have to put up outlandish posts and go to extreme measures to get Barry's attention. She gave from the heart with no expectation of getting anything in return. The years of these outrageous posts, requests, and gestures are getting old. Can't some people just give it a rest once and for all. It's fine to put posts up and tell him how much you are looking forward to the show. I'm sure he appreciates it. Go to the show like most people do and visit with friends, make new ones and enjoy the show. You can show your appreciation by giving him the ovations deserved, but not by feeling it is your right to stand the entire time and block other people's views and make nasty comments about it. Just be classy about your experience like Fran was.

I find it so heartwarming that so many are making contributions to the Manilow Fund in her memory. What a beautiful way to honor her and it appears that Garry and his team are thankful for it.

Thanks for sharing this! May Fran's memory live on and may she rest in peace.

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