Friday, July 13, 2007

Barry's Legacy of Music

I decided tonight to catch up on an HBO series that I watch and the family is sitting around in the living room. The oldest son is sitting at the piano playing a song while the they are all talking. I think...wait a minute...I know that intro...and low and behold, it was Copacabana! He played the entire song. It reminded me of Barry's original version on the box set...the one where he's working on the melody along with the lyrics.

It made me smile and think...he's so much a part of our lives. Every moment of every day something happens to remind us of him and make us smile. How is it possible that one person can do that for so many people? He really is everywhere, in restaurants, the movies, the mall, the grocery store...his music will live on for years and years to come. What a legacy...made me wish I had a legacy...something that when I'm gone people would smile or sigh and say, "wow, she really touched my life".

We all should have some legacy we leave behind. Barry has found his and it will bless the lives of future generations...I wonder what mine could be?

Searching for my legacy,
Texas Fanilow

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