Saturday, August 4, 2007

Those Rare Moments...

We rarely have those once in a lifetime moments. Those moments when everything is perfect, and all seems right. And when they happen, they take our breath away because God has smiled on us and given us a glimpse of heaven.

Today, for me, was one of those moments. And, as usually happens, there was a lyric from one of Barry's songs that clinched it for me. "Whatever I know I learned from you...Whatever I do you taught me to do...Whatever I am you taught me to be."

I wonder if Barry knows how powerful his music is in our lives? I wonder if he knows that for every moment of joy and pain, he is there? I wonder if he ever wonders if his music makes a difference in this world, if it moves those that hear it? I wonder if he knows the depth of gratitude that I have for the sacrifice he has made to bring us this lifeline of hope?

I hope and pray he does...

Forever grateful to God and to Barry, Texas Fanilow

P.S. Thank you God for sending the person that "saw" the real me and "picked up the check" today...

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