Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manilow in the UK

(Photo by Bauer Griffin, September 10, 2009)

It's been quite a weekend. First the radio interview, then Jonathan Ross, then the Proms live. I have to admit, it's great to get a chance to listen to those UK events. The UK fans always get some very special Manilow moments. And this time, we ALL got to hear, see and share most of them right along with the fans across the pond.

Things I learned over the last few days:

  • Even in the UK, Barry can't land without having an up to the minute report of his whereabouts ("the eagle has landed")
  • Barry is still smoking (no comment)
  • Radio interviewers need to do some research before they get a guest on their show (same old questions we've all heard before)
  • Don't ask Barry the name of his dogs (they are like his kids--it's personal!)
  • Barry has chickens and a rooster (dogs and chickens and roosters, OH MY!)
  • Barry is a pitch man (peddling his "B" string and his Manilow water on UK television--but not as good as Billy Mays!)
  • There are groups on the MMN that got "outed" on Jonathan Ross (which just cements the press and public's view of Barry's fans--crazy Fanilows)
  • Sometimes Barry is caught off guard (and the looks and answers that he gives are priceless--re: What is your greatest accomplishment? Answer: That I'm still the same guy I was 30 years ago. Comment: Hey Barry, there are fan groups, here's one for you.. Response: Shocked [just look at his face] when those MMN group names were mentioned and even MORE shocked when Jonathan Ross showed him the pictures)
  • The UK shows are ALWAYS over-the-top (for some reason they get those "special" songs and unique show moments that we don't get in the U.S.)
  • Listening over the internet was the next best thing to being there (and the sound was amazing with my great computer speakers and subwoofer)
  • Orchestras IMPROVE the quality of the music 100 percent! (reminded me of the first concert I attended with a full orchestra--priceless)
  • Even though you can't see the Bamms you can still visualize them (I was hoping to hear the full, classical version of CIBM)
  • One Voice is so moving when the entire audience is singing along
  • Don't expect respect when the press is always looking for the crazy Fanilows (and easily finds them)
  • "On the spot" tweets can be revealing about a person's attitude toward fans (re: 40,000 Maniloonies...when those same fans are your customers)
Guess that's my recap of the events in the UK. I know everyone that was there "live" with Barry had a marvelous time. (We could hear your excitement and screams in the background).

Headed off to watch the YouTube video of the duet (before it gets taken down),
Texas Fan


Tammy_Lou said...

I have to say Barry looked and sounded great. He is so gifted in Music. I am always amazed at some fans, tho. What are they thinking? And they think that Barry really likes that crap? Gee Wiz folks! Get A Life!

Jill said...

I did listen and enjoyed the show. As for the "maniloonies" and from whence it came? I'm insulted.

anotherSue said...

Yeah, I loved the comment about the "Maniloonies" . . . shouldn't respect for Barry's fans begin with his management? Sad.

Also, for those interested, Joanne S. wrote a great review on the Barrynet. I'm thrilled everyone involved seemed to have a great time at the show.

Anonymous said...

I agree the " Maniloonies" comment on Twitter was totally uncalled for! My jaw dropped to my knees. I've been reading a lot of disparraging comments about Barry's management lately which I tried to justify as the comments of just another crazy fan who wasn't happy for whatever ridiculous reason the crazy fans get angry, but this tweet commented on this person's best customers to a bunch of frat boys! Hey, if we are customers and this how they treat their customers, I will treat them as any other business that does not live up to expectations, I take my business elsewhere. Money spent on entertainment is very discetionary. I have been a loyal fan of Barry's music for over 30 years. I have gone to a couple of convetions, purchased CDs and albums, ordered on occaision from Starzbz, and attended concerts when Barry performed in the area. I've even been to Vegas A few times, but this is the last straw; I'm done! So many of us long-time fans are throwing in the towel with this bunch that I wonder how easy, at this stage of Barry's career, we will be to replace. Oh, well, good luck with that Stiletto. I wish you adieu and farewell.

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