Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Manilow TV--The Controversy Continues

Five days from now Manilow.TV will launch its first video. As predicted, it's a subscription service, renewable monthly. And also as predicted, the controversy on the MMN over the price continues. And again, and is always the case, the negative opinions get lamblasted by the keepers of all things Manilow. Heaven forbid that there would be a differing opinion, or that this opinion might go against the grain.

Personally, I am taking a "wait and see" approach. This is what I have learned in the last few years in the Manilow world. I'm not buying until I have time to evaluate the offer. After it launches and comments are positive, and the kinks are all worked out (which I'm sure there will be many), then I'll decide if I want to fork over the $19.95 and take a test drive.

After reading the FAQ, I'm impressed with a few things:
1-You can unsubcribe at any time.
2-They will notify you of the upcoming video so you can make a decision about your subscription.
3-There is an online chat feature to address problems.
4-If they don't change the video, you won't get charged (a good thing in the Manilow world since very often things don't materialize as promised).

As with any product or service, it is always the consumer's option to not purchase. And, as I have done in the past, I will exercise that option based on cost and product offered.

Skeptical but hopeful,
Texas Fan


Jill said...

I agree with you. I'd love to susbcribe. But it they are only showing one thing per month, I don't know.Right now $20 is a little much for me since I have only my savings and no "income" so I'm a little afraid to try. I hope it is as good as they have promised.

texas_fan said...

I might pay for one month if the offering is REALLY good (like the Mayflower set from convention or possibly the UK show in Manchester last year). But, I'm not the type to watch something over and over again like some are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say I am using other people as guinea pigs. Will these videos be new performances we've never seen or don't have in our collection? That might make is worthwhile, otherwise, I'll just pop one of my own dvds in my player and watch.

Hope it works out for everybody.

Music Lover

Michele said...

I do find it hard to take that they are actually charging for this service. And $19.95 per month? What can he show us each month that is worth it from older footage? I agree that I spend a fortune going to Las Vegas and seeing Barry when he is on the road, and I consider that money well spent. But to pay $20 per month is overkill.

Michele said...

I have read that they (Stiletto) is going to charge $20 per month for this new ManilowTV service and while I like seeing older footage of Barry, I find the price exorbitant. I spend a fortune going to Las Vegas a few times per year and try and see him when he is in my area, and I consider that money well spent. But to pay $20 PER MONTH, is highway robbery. A $20 one time fee should be fair and equitable but a MONTH! Who has that kind of money every month for footage. Not me.

Bonnie said...

Well for me it's a no go. It's not the money, it's the fact that there are no choices of what you can watch. Only one program per month. And what if you really love one of the concerts? Six months or a year from now you cannot view it again because you don't OWN it. Also, trying to view these programs, hunched over my desk, looking at a computer monitor, is not my idea of relaxing with a good program. I want to see it on my big screen TV with my surround sound system, my feet up in my recliner with a drink and snack within reach!!!

At least when you sign up for cable or satellite TV and you see a program/movie you love, you can usually go out an purchase it on DVD for future viewing.

Sadly, I think this will replace any future DVD's they may have had planned for sale. And what about those fans that don't have computers at home? I'm sure there are many that only have access to a computer at work or in other public places like library's. Guess they will be left out in the cold with this too.

Nope, it's not for me. But good luck to those who choose to subscribe, I hope you get your money's worth.

texas_fan said...

If we were technologically adept, we could pipe it into our digital televisions (my future son-in-law did this over the weekend with a movie he played via Netflix). But alas, I have NO IDEA how to do it myself.

I don't enjoy watching movies or TV on my computer. I'm like you. I'd much rather sit in my comfy chair and view it on the big screen.

Dawn Bushman said...

I'm still undecided on this, but it's leaning more and more towards no.

For starters, I like bringing over my dvd's to my mother's home and watching them with her. She doesn't have the internet, so that would be out.

Limiting the choices to one per month, not good.

If you've got lousy bandwidth at home, forget it. It will be a concert of Barry starting and stopping all night long.

They should have a system like iTunes, where you download the file as a rental and are limited to how long you can view it.

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