Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner....

...and so are some exciting happenings in the Manilow world!

1-An upcoming special announcement on December 1st, LIVE on the Today Show.
2-A hotline coming out on Wednesday (who knows what that will include)
3-The "Gift of Love" concerts in Palm Springs for charity.
4-The Chicago concerts with a 56 piece orchestra and Christmas music.
5-A new venue with a brand new show.

It's a GREAT time to be a Manilow fan...and the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving and may all of God's blessings be on you and the ones you love,
Texas Fan


Jill said...

Yes it is a wonderful time of year. But I could do without the teases.

Dawn Bushman said...

He's also supposed to be doing an announcement from the Paris the same day he does his appearance on the Today Show. That news came from Robin Leach, so I'm wondering if he's really going to be in NY for the Today Show.

He's also supposed to be on the program for the Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center on Dec. 2nd.

We'll see what happens!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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