Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Half a Mil for Charity

The official announcement came out yesterday--Barry raised close to half a million at his concerts at the McCallum theater. Half a million big ones--all going toward those 25 charities. Charities that struggle to survive each year and got a much needed shot in the arm because of Barry and his music. Not only Barry, but all those that donated their time and expertise to make this all possible.

Barry has the ability to give "big" because of his talent and his ability to bring the right people together to get the job done. But we can all give, in our own way, to those that need our help every single day. It's not difficult, but it does require that we take that first step and make an offer of help. I read Brian Culbertson's Facebook post the other day that said to take $25 one dollar bills and give one to anyone you see while shopping that asks for help. I thought that was an excellent idea. It might be the Salvation Army bellringers, a homeless person sitting on the corner, or a box at the checkout for a local charity. It might seem small and insignificant but as YBA said, no contribution is too small and that dollar might inspire someone else to give as well.

Barry's charity has always inspired his fans--and this time it was five nights of shows. I think that was above and beyond. Not only that, but he incorporated the kids who benefited from the Manilow Music Project. Kudos to the guy with the giving heart!

May the joy of this season surround you,
Texas Fan

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