Friday, January 29, 2010

Barry and Rachel chat it up

Of all the guest appearances Barry makes I LOVE it when he appears on Rachel Ray. Why? Because she actually "talks" to him. She does her research and knows that of which she speaks. And...she's a fan herself. The audience questions were actually quite good (as opposed to the ditsy phone calls he gets on QVC). You have to wonder if they are vetted before hand.

Things we learned from the questions and the interview:
He actually seemed interested in the 5 ingredient meal Rachel cooked before he came out on stage (pasta, broth and spinach) and said he thought he might be able to cook that (I'm for that since it had spinach in it--high in iron content)
Barry and his band go bowling on their days off (call me crazy but that was the LAST activity I would expect him to be doing in his leisure time)
He uses his first Emmy as a doorstop to his studio (the reasoning behind that is he wants everyone to see it--hmmm...guess putting it there is a place of honor for him since the studio is his mecca)
Before the show he and his "gang" get together, amp the music up, and get pumped up to go out on stage (Lady Gaga????)
His favorite song "today" was Could It Be Magic AND his least favorite used to be Can't Smile Without You until he started singing it with the fans

About the music today:
I have to admit that I love when he performs songs live. It's when I fall in love with them for the first time (just like I did with Islands in the Stream). The theme from Love Story (
Where Do I Begin) is taking on that life for me. I loved it on Conan and now today, it's growing on me even more. This is one of those songs where the arrangement is the star. Then Barry works his magic with the lyrics and the delivery. Love Story was THE movie when I was a teenager and the music brings back all kinds of memories when I hear it. Warm fuzzies all around!

Great show!
Texas Fan

Here's the BIGGIE: log on to Rachel's website and win a chance to go to the show in Vegas (once you sign up as a member)


Jill said...

I enjoy that too. You can usually tell when a host is really interested in what Barry has to say and I think Barry responds in kind. I once thought there were some songs that could not be improved...that is until I heard Barry's arrangements.

LauraAnn Millard said...

The show was absolutely amazing. I loved the Soup recipe. I am actually going to make that myself probably tonight, its perfect for the kind of day we are having here. Also, Barry Manilow was fantastic. He just sang that song amazingly and the CD is going to be a smash. Thanks for the oppty to win the tote and to see Barry in Vegas. I entered my name. Maybe with some luck. Thanks again. LauraAnn Millard

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