Friday, February 5, 2010

Moving on up--it's #5 for Manilow's GLSOAT

It's official. Barry's new album entered the charts at #5. I'm a "believe it when I see it" kind of girl, so the early reports that it jumped from 13 to 5 on the sales charts did not convince me until I saw it for myself. According to Robin Leach, it may even climb to #1 next week. That would be a noteable feat, but one that wouldn't surprise me.

This album seems to strike a chord with so many of the fans and it's release date just in time for Valentine's day was definitely perfect timing. As always, Barry's arrangements make classic songs come to life again and this album seems to be no exception. If you're a romantic, you might want to snatch one up for someone special in your life. Heck, "Where Do I Begin" might just be worth the price!

Congratulations to Barry,
Texas Fan

P.S.'s time for "Fifteen Minutes"!

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