Monday, June 21, 2010

What a surprise...NOT.

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Site went down at 10:01....programmers are scrambling.
TOO many people trying to get on line.
Don't give up.

Garry C. Kief
Stiletto Entertainment

Here we go again---
Texas Fan


Sheron said...


A UK fan said instead of calling it a "convenience" fee, they should call it an "inconvenience" fee. ;^)

texas_fan said...

You got that right! Seriously...will they EVER learn?

Sheron said...

Not as long as people keep opening their wallets. Money drives the train. Stop the money, and maybe they'd have an incentive to fix what's broken. But I don't see that happening in my lifetime.

I suffered enough ticket stress in my life in the olden days when we had to hit redial a gazillion times as the clock ticked by, along with the best seats. The only thing that's changed is the communication tool, from phones to computers. Maybe they need to hire a 14-year-old geek to help them with their system. ;^)

texas_fan said...

Been there, done that myself. Honestly, the stress does not offset the fun.

A 14-year old or perhaps just upgrade their equipment.

Sheron said...

I haven't personally bought fan club tickets since 2001. In 2004 and 2008 I bought through Ticketmaster as the fan club tickets were simply too expensive as they never offer the cheaper tickets. And I'm now completely out of Manilow show mode.

As for them getting new equipment, I think spending money to make money is a foreign concept to them. ;)

texas_fan said...

I'm not completely out of show mode, but...I'm not in the frenzy mode either. But based on past experience, Ticketmaster will get my business. I'm not that psyched about sitting up close and personal any more.

Spending money to make money? Is that a business principle?

Sheron said...

Spending money to make money is a business principle. It's just not a BMIFC principle...obviously.

Dawn Bushman said...

I like the part where people are being told "Don't Give Up." Even though they know the system isn't working.

I'm also in the no show mode anymore. I've seen enough of the bootlegged videos on youtube of the new show to feel I've already seen it.

Jill said...

I bought fan club tickets in 81. Haven't done so since. While I would like to be "up front and personal" once before I die(my bucket list) I doubt that that will ever happen. Not to mention that many people in my family can't get out of country music long enough to see something else.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you really expect things to go smoothly? Doesn't happen with the BMIFC.

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