Thursday, July 1, 2010

An indepth look at the man and his music

I just read an article posted on Moonstone's blog (Up Close and Personal with Barry Manilow) that was so indepth and honest I had to sit back, wait a minute and read it again. It's been a very long time since I've read anything about Barry that was so incredibly open and vulnerable.

Take some time and read it if you haven't already. My favorite quote came at the end of the piece:

I’d like my tombstone to read:
The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music.

If we could only see more of this guy,
Texas Fan


Dawn Bushman said...

I agree with you, I'd love to see more of this guy too. That said, I only hope Barry understands that he too, is a creation of God, and God doesn't make junk. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

He is the Shadowman don't forget. We may never know the real Barry Manilow. But that's ok, it doesn't matter. All we know is that we love his music, respect and admire the person and enjoy his performances. I'm thankful for the friends he brought my way. That's all we can expect from him. Everything else is private, personal and none of our business. IMO.

texas_fan said...

That's true Jude. But when he chooses to share it helps all of us enjoy the music more because it gives us a picture of the motivation behind his music. And the more you learn about that motivation the more you can crawl into the lyrics with him. Plus his passion for life and concer for others is endearing to his fans and to anyone who enjoys his music.

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