Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When the GOOD times come again...

This week the BMIFC convention will be in full swing and hundreds of Manilow fans will be converging on Las Vegas to celebrate the music that is Manilow and the man that is the music. While I was walking this morning, one of my favorite songs came up on my Ipod and the memories came flooding back of all those "good" times I have had in Las Vegas centered around Barry and his music.

But the words of this song express exactly where I am in my Manilow journey:

Every rainbow has to have an end
A pot of gold or dreams foretold
May not be there my friend
In this high and mighty world we live in
Some times we have to break
Some times we have to bend

Until the good times come again

Hope we both survive the world out there
You'll never know what wind will blow
So don't forget I care
And don't forget the way we felt together
Sometimes we have to hold
To all the good that's been

Until the good times come again

I'll see you then
When the good times come again
When you and I have made it back
From the people and the places we have been

I'll see you then
When the good times come again
The door that we go out of
Is door that we come in
When the good times come again.

For me, this world holds many wonderful memories and has brought me into the lives of some very special people. People who have become friends and people who have come alongside me during this difficult and yet exciting time in my life. And just because I'm not able to be with them right now, it doesn't mean that there won't come a time that I will again. Knowing this, somehow, makes this time in my life more bearable. For now, I have my memories and pictures of those good times to carry with me.

I'll see you then, when the good times come again,
Texas Fan


Debbie said...

There will definitely be some GOOD times in the future. You have alot to look forward to in the near future. Keep me in the loop. I love experiencing your joys right along side you.

Survivor said...

You couldn't have said truer words with this song and yes one day in the future we will get together again and make some good memories!!
Thinking about you:)

you begin again.... said...

Ditto everything you said. Life ebbs and flows, it doesn't stay the same. That's OK.


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