Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The "question" controversy

It happened. An interviewer, Gayle King, asked the dreaded question: Are you in love? And Barry, true to form, answered, "I am in love...with my music." But Gayle wouldn't let that go. She said, "I mean with a two-legged person." Here it comes. The answer all fans have been wanting to hear (even though they would never admit it), "Yes I am."

You would have thought the fan world would be all abuzz about the admission. Especially those fans who "knew he loved them" or were convinced that "one day he would fall in love with them." But nope. The uproar over the interview was that she had the audacity to even ask the question. How dare her? And once again, the defenders of things Manilow jumped on the bandwagon and began their attack.

Sadly, they missed the best highlights of that interview:

  1. He is happy. You could tell when he answered the question, he smiled. And when he talked about his album, you could tell how proud he is of his work.

  2. He answered the question. He didn't have to answer it. He's dodged it before. But he chose at this point to answer the question.

  3. He put her in her place. He told her that he doesn't allow just anyone into his private life and only if he chooses to let them in are they privy to his personal information. Basically, "any other information is none of your business."

  4. He turned the interview back to the album. He's a pro and he Numbered Listknows how to answer questions. He's perfectly capable of handling himself in any uncomfortable situation, especially from the media.
I agree with YBA's comment on the subject. These interviews would make great clips filtered together to make a promo for his album about fame. Gather them together, put the music from the album as the background, and post it on YouTube. It would go viral in a heartbeat!

Can't we just let him enjoy the ride?
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

I don't see anyone stopping you from creating a video......


texas_fan said...

Don't tempt me. That sort of project would be perfect for my new Mac desktop!

Survivor said...

So that is what all the anxt was about...I can't see that particular interview so just thought 'Oh dear what has happened now!'
I am finding it really interesting that no-one and I mean no-one is talking about that reply positively or the Letter to a fan track on the CD.
Why oh why can't they just be happy for him, I am very happy that he has found someone who is obviously making him happy! You can see and hear it in everything he does right now!
Do you think with both of these messages that they will get the message? I doubt it!!

texas_fan said...

Joanne. They avoid those two topics because they choose to avoid them. Look for my blog post on Blogilow shortly analyzing "Letter from a Fan". It should be a GOOD one.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next blog. Sadly some will never get it! Banging your head against a wall would get greater results!

NighDarke said...

She was prying big time and in truth should have known better. He never talks about his personal life. What I found interesting though was his willingness to even say yes he was in love, when as you pointed out he usually dodges the question. In truth I was glad to hear that, if anyone deserves to have someone in their life to love who makes them happy, it is Barry. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for him to get with anyone, not knowing if it's HIM they truly love or just that fact that he's BARRY MANILOW.

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