Friday, June 10, 2011

The Manilow Media Blitz--what's different this time?

Since my good friends (YBA and Lori) are doing an excellent job keeping everyone up to date on the latest appearances, I'm going to let them be the "go-to" blogs for the links and Facebook posts. If you want to watch some of the appearances, check them out!

I thought I'd throw in my two cents about this media blitz and how it differs from the ones for the cover albums. And since I'm infamous for "sharing my unsolicited opinion", why break the mold? I just finished watching the clips from the George Lopez show, while spewing a mouthful of diet coke onto my iPhone as I watched.

What makes this media blitz different?

1-Who is this guy? Remember a few posts ago I said this after listening to the QVC presentation of the album. Now I'm saying it after watching several of the interviews. He is grinning from ear to ear, excited about talking to reporters and interviewers, displaying some of that Manilow wit I've heard about from years gone by, and more relaxed than I've ever seen him with the media. And the STORIES he is telling--isn't it great to hear some NEW tidbits after all these years???
2-Way to use social media. Ok, so it was barely around for the last few cover albums, but MySpace has been. Way to use it to promote the album, create contests for the fans, and spark the conversations on Facebook and Twitter. The candid posts from Barry are the icing on the cake.
3-We don't have to hear about Clive. I don't know about you but I got sick of the "Clive" reference. Yah...I know he's a genius. Yah..I know Barry was grateful for his advice. But seriously, Clive is NOT the reason for Barry's success. It is his widespread appeal and his willingness to make his audience "feel" his music. If you don't believe it, watch his appearance on The Talk--those women were putty in his musical hands.
4-When you believe in something, it shows. His passion for this album is coming out not only in the music, but in the way he promotes it and himself. You can tell he's not doing any of them out of obligation, but out of pure excitement for the quality of the album.
5-Way to get the fans involved. The contests, the Facebook posts, the album signings, and keeping them abreast on all the media appearances. From what I've heard from some of the fans who have been around for years, this is reminiscent of the past years when the new albums came out and the fans got involved in the promotions.
6-All the radio appearances. From what I'm reading about iHEARTradio and the Manilow station, it sounds amazing. Then there has been the BBC radio segments on the great masters and the Sirius Love channel weekend. It's great to hear his music on the radio again and have people call and say, "hey, I just heard a new song from Barry; did you know he has a new album coming out?"

I wish I could head to NYC for the CD signing, or had the time to watch and keep up with all the marvelous appearances. But as YBA said, I will be living vicariously through those who can and look forward to reading about it online.

The excitement builds for the 14th!
Texas Fan

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