Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's ALL about the music

2012 has arrived and so has the end of my Manilow Musings. I was listening to a Streisand song on the drive back to Dallas last week and she was talking about the song we all sing on New Years's Eve, Auld Lang Syne and what it means: for the sake of old times. So, for the sake of old times, I'm going back to the beginning--the first time I ever heard Barry sing live and what the music meant to me.

I had just finished chemotherapy and treated myself to the concert in San Antonio in the middle of the summer outside. I was about 12 rows back and had no knowledge or information about the Manilow fan world. I was suspended in time by the Mayflower music and the few songs he did from Harmony that I had never even heard before. Thus began my real love affair with the magic of Manilow's music.

It will be nice to return to that magic. To coin a line from "Julie and Julia" and apply it here--I'm in love with the Manilow in my head; and the Manilow in my head truly is ALL about the music. When I listen to Here at the Mayflower, Paradise Cafe, Harmony and most recently 15 Minutes I I am reminded of why I began this journey and why, even though I will no longer be involved in the fan world, I will always and forever be in love with the music of Manilow.

After all, it truly is "music too magic to end"!

Over and out,
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

Hi Suzanne,
I agree totally with where you are coming from. I am leaving the whole fan world behind me. It will make for some good conversation with friends in the future.
I am remembering my first time in Vegas and also the reason why I loved the man in the first place all those years ago. Those are the memories I will hold on to for the future.
3 years ago changed my life forever, at times not for the right reasons! But right now I am moving into a new phase in my life in 2012 and hope I can right the wrongs I have done this past couple of years with my family.
New beginnings and friendships taking on a new meaning.
It has been interesting reading your blogs and thank you for stepping out there and saying a lot of things some of us have been too scared to say.
Love you

Anonymous said...

It's was a good ride and I feel badly it's ending but some good things never last. Good luck to you and I'm sure we will meet some day.


Anonymous said...

Great finish to this chapter of your life. Sad to see you end this because you spoke the truth when everyone else was too afraid to but it is time to move on. While you finish this out in 2011 and look to 2012 with new beginnings there will be those fans like the ones you spoke of who will live in the past because that is all they have. Kinda sad and pathetic but everyone has to live their life the way they want to. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne, it has been very interesting reading your blogs about the Manilow World. I´ve never been at a show with Barry because here in Germany we are far away from this World. In 2008 i wanted to go to London. My life changed at this time and so i couldn´t see Barry. Last year i was in New York. I have good friends there and so i had no time for Barry. So i was never personally involved with these things about the Manilow Fans. But i totally agree with you. I am a great fan of the german singer and songwriter Udo J├╝rgens. In his fan world you can also find a lot of crazy things. There´s not a big difference between american and german fans,ha,ha! I love the Barry music and i always will love it. In the future i will miss your honestly words. For the new beginning i wish you all the best. Stay in a good health! Andrea

Anonymous said...

My goodness. I had no idea about the fans' behavior! I am just starting to read your blog -- sorry that such a wonderful performer was surrounded by such strange behavior by fans. I have not witnessed it, but I wonder if this is why he chose to move on? Say, I don't know if you'll see this comment but I was wondering -- how do I find out the names of his band on tour with him now (Bloomington, Des Moines, St. Paul) They certainly are a talented bunch, too! Best, M

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