Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"The country needs me out there!"

I just finished watching the Farewell DVD from the First and Farewell release this year. I have to say, Barry has it right. This country needs him out there! He continues to say, "they need an uplifting experience"...isn't that the truth!

Stand outside of Music and Passion after any night in Las Vegas and witness just how uplifting Barry can be. The smiles on the faces of fans and "civilians" will blow you away. There's just something about Barry and his music that makes you smile from ear to ear.

And it certainly does not stop there. People meet for the first time at his concerts, exchange emails, phone numbers and pictures. They stay in touch, attend future shows together, visit one another, pray together, cry together and become friends for life. It's all about the music and what it does for your mental outlook and how it makes you want to connect with other people around you.

With Barry's recent 60's album, the song What the World Needs Now resonates that philosophy. As he says on this Farewell DVD, "we aren't the divided states of America, wer'e the UNITED States of America." That's what Barry's music does...it unites people. It makes us smile, laugh, cry, and motivates us to care. You leave one of his shows wanting to spread the love; wanting to share the joy; wanting to be happy again!

In a recent interview, Barry was asked, "What's life about?". His answer. "Having fun". Simple, but true. What I hope Barry knows and every one of his fans knows, is that the fun turns into so much more. And that friends, is why we need Barry Manilow!

Signing off for now,
Texas Fanilow

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