Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007..the year of Manilow!

It's a new year and once again time to reflect. The typically old cliches are everywhere: out with the old, in with the new; leave your past behind; build a bridge and move on; and what's done is done. Even though each of them makes sense, I choose a more appropriate one: sieze the day.

On the Mayflower CD, my all-time Barry favorite, there is a song that speaks to me this year more than ever: Come Monday. Come monday my life starts again, my new point of view is beginning. That's my moto for 2007...my life starts again with a new point of view. And that point of view is to HAVE FUN and TAKE RISKS. On Manilow Talks, Barry says that's the meaning of life...to have fun. I agree 100 percent. Have fun, lighten up and take risks. Life is too short to waste one single moment of it worrying or fretting over the "what ifs!"

I'm looking forward to more Manilow adventures, meeting new friends, finishing my books, and whatever else God may have in store for me. Change is on the horizon and in 2007 my life starts again!

To 2007 and following the advice of Mr. Manilow!
Texas Fanilow

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