Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fanilow or Fanatic?

I just finished reading a "love letter" to Barry from an obcessed fan. I'm in shock! I think she has crossed the line from enjoying the man and his music to the category of potential threat.

Here is the link:

Seriously folks, this is scary. In her letter she says, "does this scare you?" Heck yes it scares me and I'm not even Barry. To be delusional enough to actually think that Barry feels the way she does (sick as it might be) puts her in the category of John Lennon's assassin.

Although this letter is dated 1998, I'm sure it's not the only one he receives along those lines. And every night that he performs at the Hilton, thousands of fans pile through those doors to get a glimpse of him. If you want to, you can purchase a ticket to sit on the stage close enough to touch him. The only thing separating you from him is a metal rail. Anyone could climb over the rail and harm him before security has a chance to respond.

Is it time for Barry to stop interacting with his fans? Let's hope not. He is one of the few musicians that have an interactive relationship with fans. However, perhaps it's time for Barry to beef up his security. Maybe it's time to add those metal detectors or xray machines at the entrance to the theatre. The "fanilow" that wrote the letter may be attending his Music and Passion shows at the Hilton on a regular basis. You just never know!

Sobering thoughts,
Texas Fanilow

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Kristen said...

omg i that is seriously one of the scariest things i've EVER read!! it makes me wonder what he said and did when he got the letter, if i were him, I would have either called the cops or burnt the letter and changed my address!

Boy i feel bad for barry, this chick is nuts!

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