Friday, May 11, 2007

Barry's Motivation

I was watching a video of one of Barry's concerts at Royal Albert Hall. He was talking to a reporter backstage before the show, sitting in front of a mirror and there was a newspaper clipping of some sort taped to the top of the mirror. The headline read: YOUR JOB IS TO POUR OUT YOUR HEART...

I got to thinking and wondering if that was Barry's motivational tool. If he looked at that before his concerts and it reminded him what his job was when he got out on stage. And then I realized that is exactly what he does. He pours out his heart every time he sings one of those "slash your wrist" ballads, or he leads the audience in a chorus of "Can't Smile Without You". His music is his passion and he communicates that to anyone who will listen: radio, cd, tv, live performance.

Recently, the fans were asking each other what was it that motivated us to be a fan of this performer. What set him apart from the rest? I think that question was answered by that clipping taped to the mirror. He pours out his heart and we connect.

Our job is to spread the word.
Signing off for now,
Texas Fanilow

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