Sunday, May 6, 2007

Shades of "early" Manilow

Last night I had the privilege of going to a piano bar at a historic hotel while on vacation. The piano player reminded me of Barry's description of himself in the Live on Broadway video. A nice suit, slim tie, very short hair...but loads of talent. As we listened I couldn't help but imagine Barry sitting at the piano himself years ago playing for and arranging music for Bette.

This young man was talented, as was the female singer that he accompanied. I had the privilege of speaking to both of them regarding Barry's music. The singer was familiar with him, however, the piano player praised his musical talent. When the show was over, we tipped the piano player and told him that Barry had told us to ALWAYS tip the piano player. His response, "Well Barry would know. He's one of the great piano players of all time." He thanked us for the applause and support and said goodnight.

I just couldn't help but feel that Barry would have smiled. And who knows...we may have met two future superstars!

Happy to support the "up and coming" superstars,
Texas Fanilow

P.S. Check out her link to the right under "Up and Coming Jazz Singer-Jodie Borle!

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