Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Dance

I've refrained from commenting on this subject. I "lurked" on the Bnet while it was being discussed, or should I say heavily debated. I happen to believe that the Barrynet message board is NOT the place to bicker and fight because it's a public board. I only have one thing to say to everyone that participated--shame on you.

And now it has come to my attention just exactly how people view "the dance" and it makes my blood boil. Here's an email I received from a loyal fan who asked if I would post this on my blog. I concur with her sentiments so I am posting it here for everyone to see:

I have been with Barry for 32 years....watched him give all that he is without thinking twice about it. I want to begin that way because a couple nights ago I was simply looking thru some of the other fan club sites just to see what people had to say...with hopes of possibly finding one to join. I stumbled across one site.....I don't know if I hit it on the wrong day or what, but I was completely horrified by some of the comments that were being made. The behavior of certain so called "fans"..and you all know who you are...was probably the most selfish I've ever witnessed short of the way some reacted last year to Barry cancelling shows because he was in so much pain he couldn't walk. What in the world gives any of you the right to think that Barry owes us anything.......he'd better not take out the dance because we pay good money for those seats and deserve to get something for it.....spoken by a shallow, selfish taker who thinks only of themselves. Before you even start...I do not worship the ground he walks on nor do I think he's perfect....but he's a truely selfless man who has done noting but give for his entire life....he's given up what most of us work for in our lives...the love of a family...just so he can follow his God-given use his music to touch our lives like no one else has. There are some of us who pay that money because being able to be that close to him and share a special moment or two with him really means something to us. No wonder he has been so guarded towards intreaction with the fans...and when he does let that guard down and give us a glimpse of himself...look what he gets in return. I, for on, am embarrassed by your have no idea what it really means to be a support someone no matter give of yourself rather than exhibit that "take..take...take..gimmie..gimmie" mentality. I just hope that he can see past you people and continue to let those of us who appreciate what he gives us continue to enjoy it. Will some of you take offense to what I've written...I have no doubt...and I hope you do. Take a good long look in the you see what Barry sees....all he sees is what you do on
these boards and on your local fan club websites......think about it.

Speechless for once in my life...

Thanking God I am grateful and humbled by Barry's sacrifice,
Texas Fanilow

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