Friday, August 24, 2007

A Message of Hope

With all the talk of Philly and Boston, the CD/DVD release, the DVD releases of the TV specials and the upcoming media blitz, I can't seem to get my head and my heart off of "Harmony". I have been listening and relistening to the five songs that we have from the scores CD and they are among the most inspirational, motivational group of songs I've ever listened to. It's the combination of lyrics and passionate orchestral weaving throughout, and the message of hope that has me coming back again and again. I can't get enough of the way the music and the lyrics fit so perfectly together and how every line gives a resounding message of hope and God's never ending love. Here's some gems...and if you haven't listened in awhile, I mean really listened, sit down with the music and let it speak to you. You will be blessed.

Troubles disappear
And what you feel is what you hear
Not what you see!
Yes, first there was

Where You Go
Where you go
I will go
Maybe scared
But together
With you, I'm prepared the rest is destiny
When it starts
Take my hand
And whether it's through hell or to the promised land
God knows where
I'll be there
Where you go

Stars In The Night
Look at the stars
How brilliant they are
How can they be shining now
When hope seems so far?
Look Look how they shine
These cruelest of stars
What promise inspires them?
What faith is it fires them?
Dare we lift our hearts as we lift our eyes
Are we fools to see what hope there is within the skies
Look...there's the light...Stars in the Night.

Every Single Day
Everything you doubt I will fight for
Every single day
Help me work it out, make it right for
Every single day
And this I swear and stake my life upon
If you go or stay I will love you as I do today
And I'll love you every single day from now on.

This is Our Time
This is our time
Maybe it's the last time
Who knows, but at least it's ours
And it won't be the first time
That men picked the worst time
To lift up their eyes to the stars!

In This World
In this world
That's lost all its reason
At last there's a reason
For hope in my heart

First there was Harmony,

Texas Fanilow

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