Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time for the Countdown

Today broke the TEN DAY mark for my upcoming trip to Manilowland. It's going to be 10 days of a wild ride with my daughter (the first part of the week) and my friends (the second part of the week) and my very first "Barry friend" (to close out the 10 days). My friend Kim is traveling all the way from Australia to join us and we have a rip-roaring time planned of sightseeing, shows and getting acquainted. So today, I'm posting my TOP TEN list of things I wish for on this trip:

10. Some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation
9. Getting to know some friends that I have never met in person
8. Taking in some absolutely fabulous human theater
7. Indulging in some "Vegas only" epicurean delights
6. Spending some much needed quality time with my daughter
5. Enjoying the night life that is only found in Vegas
4. A "drama free" pre-and-post concert experience
3. Rediscovering the great sights and sounds of the strip
2. Some "girl" time with my best Barry buddies
1. Finally getting to enjoy the new "Ultimate Manilow" with my friends

10 days and counting,
Texas Fan


Peachy said...

I wish you happy travels and look forward to regular updates. :)

Stephanie said...

You have the BEST time and I cannot wait to hear all about it. Our time will be here before we know it !! Be safe and Be Good !!LOL!:)

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