Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just a few observations before heading out for a day of shopping:

1. May it never be said that I can't keep up with the spring chickens
2. Grown women lose all sense of reason when they enter the Manilow zone
3. Civilians need to go to Cirque shows and NOT ruin our fun
4. Kim is the real deal and has made this trip unforgettable
5. A bitch is a bitch no matter how much money they have or how much war paint they put on
6. Barry always puts on a great show...even if he has to deal with rude, disrespectful octopii women
7. There is always someone singing louder than Barry sitting behind you
8. Friends make those unbearable moments bearable
9. Grab those barf bags when you fly because you never know when someone's behavior might make you hurl
10. You can't buy acceptance, respect or love

Heading out for some more human theater,
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

I can't wait to hear the detail on all of these comments when you get back!!!!!
It must be some kind of human theatre!!
Not many show reviews around so I haven't really got a feeling of what is going on!
I hope you continue to have a great time and can't wait to talk to you.

Peachy said...

Hey Suzanne,
I can't WAIT until you get home.


Anonymous said...

Ooh Suzanne, details girl, details! LOL

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