Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here at the Mayflower

Here at the Mayflower has been on my playlist all week. I've been listening to the songs again and again; enjoying the genius behind this original album. This album could be easily made into a Broadway musical, with each song introducing a character and the entire album becoming a picture of the stories of our lives. It shows Barry's insight into human nature and people's individual struggles. He covers the gamut of human emotions: love, loneliness, loss, family, hiding behind masks, gossip, losing touch with someone, stress, negativity, joy, death, failure, unfulfilled dreams, and even eternity. The underlying message seems clear-do we really know who people are, the struggles they are going through and the dreams they wish for?

If you haven't listened to this masterpiece in awhile or you've never truly "listened" to it, you're missing out on some of the best insight into our behaviors and the affect they have on the people around us and the paths our lives take.

There is so much more to this collection than just great music and lyrics. It makes you stop and think about your life and the lives of those whose paths you cross. This truly "moves" and cuts deep into our souls.
Here at the Mayflower is the Mona Lisa of Barry's collection. Every time you "look" at it you see something different.

Truly Astounded,
Texas Fan

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