Thursday, January 8, 2009


Since reason does not prevail in other places of the Manilow world, it is here where I can post my thoughts and be received with a measure of rationale and common sense. I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions but I do know that whomever reads it will at least weigh the opinion and form their own judgments.

One of my favorite movies is The Big Chill. The characters are discussing their lives and the unexpected paths they have taken away from public service and social causes. One of the men says, "Don't knock rationalizations. You can't go a day without a good rationalization." Truer words were never spoken.

Some people can rationalize just about anything: threats, profanity, rude and disgusting comments, and even sexual innuendos. But just because you can rationalize something, it doesn't make it right. You can say that someone "encourages it" or that they "like it" but it doesn't make it right. It's disrespectful on a public forum to treat someone like a piece of meat. It doesn't make someone a "prude" or "holier than thou" to adopt this opinion. And it doesn't mean that someone is a "trouble maker" just because they express their distaste for this behavior.

There is a time and a place for everything. A worldwide public forum is not the place to discuss a respected musician's physical attributes with sexual undertones. Keep it in private chat rooms, personal emails, and telephone conversations. This is where it's always belonged and where you can say, "it's all in fun" because it's between friends. And if you want to keep it between friends then don't make it public.

And that my friends (as they say in the Manilow world) is...JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION!
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

I absolutely 110% agree with your comments. I find those kind of posts on the other sites immature, embarrassing and offensive. I don't know whether Barry finds them funny, he might do to start with but there has to be a line drawn somewhere! I am no prude but I have the insight to see past the impact of such behaviour. They think because he jokes about a couple of things on stage it gives them the right to make pages of comments and innuendos about how he looks and sexually. Is it any wonder the non-manilow world thinks his 'fans' are a laughing stock!!!!!
And you are right they try to rationalise their behaviour and they also then become very nice to TPTB (is that the right language?) once they have been challenged. I tried to reply to the comments but it was at the time the site removed them so I don't know who read my reply. One thing I do know is, that nothing we say will stop it!!!!!!!!!

Peachy said...

I have not seen the latest excerpt of what you are talking about but I am sure it is what they say SOS (same ol' 'well you know the rest') just a different day. I look at it this way,if it was a female being talked about by a bunch of men in the same context, oh the internet police would be on everyone's speed dial. We are adults and we have all had discussions, but it is done in private with those that want to participate. Private emails, private blogs, etc. have a common bond - they are all PRIVATE. I cannot say that it is teenage antics because there are teenagers on the board and they act more mature.

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