Thursday, February 11, 2010

Manilow fans: Put your money where your mouth is

You know the drill. Barry encourages us to give to charity. He does it by leading by example, not just giving it lip service. There is a group of fans that have been participating in Aids Walk Las Vegas sponsored by AFAN (Aid for Aids of Nevada). Team Harmony is once again participating and need your help. Let's show Barry that we can "walk the walk" just like he does and give to this worthy cause.

Here's the details:
For a $25 donation will receive:
  • RED HARMONY T-shirt
  • a glow in the dark LOVE-HOPE-HARMONY bracelet
  • a raffle ticket for a grand prize

Plus, they have set up an online store as well where you can purchase items with the Team Harmony logo on them. The red shirt, however, is reserved for those who donors and team members only.

Here's how you can help:
  • Click the link above to donate
  • Purchase something from their online store
  • Sign up to participate in the Aids Walk on April 25th in Las Vegas
  • Spread the word to other Manilow fans and encourage them to participate

In 2009, The AIDS Walk’s top fundraiser, Judith Domingo-Vicerra, raised $16,415 in support of the cause. Her team raised $17,475, making it the second highest team fundraiser last year. They hope to exceed last year's totals and show everyone that, like Barry, they know how to "walk the walk", not just "talk the talk".

Forward this link, tell all your Manilow friends, send it to your family, and get involved.

Go Team Harmony,
Texas Fan

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