Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is what gives Manilow fans a bad name

I was on Twitter tonight and I did a #Manilow search, just to see who was talking about him. Much to my surprise, I came across this post:

And this my friends is what gives Manilow fans and Barry a bad name. Why is that every time someone expresses discontent with something he does, the fans have to go into attack mode? This poor woman was disappointed that he cancelled. Come on...we've all felt that disappointment, even the fans. We may not post about it (although I have), but we feel it. She was using her blog to vent. Like it or not, it's her right. Instead of just a few people reading it, now she's broadcasting it on Twitter for the world to see.

Come on people...let's lighten up. This is NOT the time to go into attack mode. He has an album coming out. Use your common sense before you personally attack someone over their own comments about Barry. Let them have their opinion and you have yours.

Texas Fan


Maren said...

Yay, Suzanne:) You rock:)I feel so much hope:)

texas_fan said...

I've got your back Maren! Don't worry...we aren't ALL vicious attack dogs.

Terry said...

Come on. You think this is the ONLY thing that gives fans a bad name? It's just one of many.

texas_fan said...

Ok of many things that give fans a bad name.

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