Thursday, May 19, 2011

15 Minutes-Be Still My Heart!

I just listened to the song sampling on Barnes and Noble's site for the new album. From just these few short snippets I can tell this album is going to ROCK MY WORLD. It's been a VERY long time since I've been this excited about any new music that was coming out. But after listening to the short takes of the new album, the release date can't get here fast enough.

I have to say that there is quite a buzz about it on Twitter and Facebook, and the blogs are all talking about how much they are looking forward to its release. I hope that the music world finally recognizes the genius that is in Barry's musical repertoire and realizes that he is so much more than a pop artist.

Whatever happens, I hope Barry knows that his fans appreciate this gift and that we will do our best to send out the best of vibes for him and for the album's success.

What's my favorite so far? Just from the clips, it's "Work the Room" and "Winner Go Down". And "Letter from a Fan" is going to be quite interesting. Just from the first few lines I can already recognize some familiar "fan" statements.

Waiting impatiently for it to arrive in my hot little hands!
Texas Fan

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