Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is this guy?

I told my Twitter might not recognize Manilow tonight on QVC because his new 15 Minutes music is ROCKING AWESOME. That's right--AWESOME. If you think you know Manilow, think again!

Where do I begin? The guitar solos, the rocking feel of the upbeat songs, the gut-wrenching ballads that can rip your heart out. And that's just from the few songs we got to hear tonight. I can't even begin to imagine what the entire album will be like when it all flows together.

This album is why the fans kept begging and pleading for original music; and Barry hit this one out of the ballpark...home run...bases loaded...bottom of the 9th!

And could see his excitement. He was like a kid in a candy store. He is so proud of this album and has every right to be--it's beyond amazing, it's spectacular!

So let's shout it to the world--Twitter, Facebook, on our blogs. MANILOW ROCKS!

Texas Fan

P.S. The fans knew he had it in him all along! Who is this guy? It's MANILOW!



Anonymous said...

I think it's quite different, a bit of rock-and-rollish, ballads and I especially loved him bringing back some of the oldies. "He's" a Star, loved it. He had a good time and I hope sales go through the roof. It's not like "Mayflower" or my beloved "Paradise Cafe", but it had Manilow written all over each and every song.


texas_fan said...

I like it because it's not like anything he has done before and it might appeal to someone who doesn't necessarily like his style. was a mistake to release the ballad as a single. They should have picked 15 Minutes or Work the Room. IMHO.

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