Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Can't Smile Without You...

The last time I saw Jan Murtha was the day after my daughter's wedding in 2009. She was singing Can't Smile Without You with her friends Tammy, Debbie and Barry on the stage. I managed to snap a picture of that special moment between the three of them and Barry. After the show, Jan and Jeanine were having a drink outside Tempo and as usual, Jan was smiling ear to ear.

I can honestly say that every time I saw Jan, she was smiling. Because we had some of the same friends, I had the privilege of "hanging out" with her on occasion. She was smart, funny, witty and kind. In the Manilow world she was a real gem of a fan and a genuine friend. Her close friends are hurting today and we who knew them both, are hurting for them as well.

It's going to be hard to smile without Jan in our lives but the memories we all have with her should always bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts. This past weekend at the final shows made it even more clear that those moments in our lives shared with friends should be treasured and the memories we make will help soften the loss when they are gone.

Here's to Jan...for all the smiles, the good times, and the great memories. We WILL see you "somewhere down the road". To Jan's family...thank you for sharing her with all of us and for allowing us to be a part of her life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve. I hope you find comfort in all the kind words her Manilow friends have spoken and you know that she was an angel here on earth.

Rest in Peace Jan,
Texas Fan (aka Suzanne Shaffer)


Jill said...

A very nice farewell for your friend.

Debbie said...

Beautifully written Suzanne. That brought a tear to my eye. She was a gem. Always smiling. She will be missed by so many of us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute Suzanne. She must have been quite a lady. Heaven bless her.


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