Sunday, April 29, 2007

The 22 Most Annoying Songs Ever just ranked the 22 Most Annoying songs ever. You guessed it…Barry made the list!

1. It’s A Small World After All-Disney
2. I Love You, You Love Me-by Barney and Friends
3. Mr. Roboto-by Styx
4. The Meow Mix jingle
5. Who Let the Dogs Out
6. Achy Breaky Heart-by Billy Ray Cyrus
7. The Chicken Dance
8. Copacabana-by Barry Manilow
9. Macarena
10. The theme from “Scooby Doo
11. Y.M.C.A.-by the Village People
12. Hot in Here-by Neely
13. Mambo No. 5-by Lou Bega
14. The theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie

15. Muskrat Love-by Captain and Tennille
16. Mmmm Bop-by Hanson
17. Play That Funky Music-by Wild Cherry
18. Wannabe-by The Spice Girls
19. The theme from “Good Times”
20. Thank God I’m a Country Boy-by John Denver
21. It’s a Sunshine Day-by The Brady Bunch
22. Jump-by Kriss Kross

Sandwiched in between "The Chicken Dance" and "Macarena"...what a dubious distinction.

Say what you want about Copacabana, but that song is probably one of the most recognizable tunes of all time. And as Barry himself says, it's pure genius. In one short song, you have a full length drama. The characters meet, fall in love, a villain appears, one of them is shot and dies, the other pines after him for life.

Most "true" fans, won't admit to liking Copacabana. They balk at the people who only know this song of Barry's and beg for it at the concerts. But let's face it people, it's the highest energy song of the show and it draws the audience in like no other. The tune is catchy. The lyrics are genius rhymes. It really is a masterpiece of musicianship. Annoying? Perhaps... Catchy? For sure.... Most requested? Look at the statistics.... Showstopper? Absofreakinglutely!

Love Copacabana and not ashamed to admit it,
Texas Fanilow

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Anonymous said... I am having lunch and decided to go back in time and read some of your blogs.

I have to admit that I was never a Copacabana song lover. I mean I thought it was a great dance song. It does have high energy. Since Barry recently did a new arrangement on it....I LOVE IT! Who knew I had to wait all these years to love it? LOL


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