Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Act of Random Kindness

It's Saturday here and I took the time to sit down this morning and watch a movie that I rented: Evan Almighty. First of all, I'm not a fan of those types of movies that take biblical stories and use them as a comedy backdrop. Call me old fashioned. Call me sensitive. It's just not my thing. But, I sat down with my coffee this morning and got involved in it. In the beginning I began analyzing the "biblical" inferences and criticizing the "interpretation" of the story in Genesis. But I have to say, when the movie was over, I was left with a few gems of truth.

First of all, that God wants the best for us. That He cares about us and loves us. I liked that. Second, that He's all about bringing people together. Third, that when we pray for certain things, like patience, courage, strength, God gives us situations so that we can see those things come out in our lives. Truly liked that lesson.

But the overwhelming lesson in this film is one that Barry has been saying all along and that for the most part is evident in the Barry community. If you want to change the world, you can do it simply by performing random acts of kindness, one person at a time. Here in Manilowland, its as simple as sharing your photos, buying a CD for someone who can't find one in their area, taping a personal appearance they can't watch, or even sending them a song via email that wouldn't download. It's those random acts of kindness that can make someone smile, brighten their day, or even change the course of their lives. Just one act a time...

So I'm thinking, if...we all did just one act, could we change this country, and the world? Barry says our one voice, added to those of others will make a difference. I tend to believe him.

There are lessons for our lives everywhere. Even, at the movies.
Texas Fanilow
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