Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome Home

I just returned from another trip to Manilowland for a week of shows and spending time with friends. There is something magical about walking through those doors at the Hilton, into the arms of friends and the "arms" of the one who brings all of us joy and comfort with his music and passion. "I go to a place I know, in my heart I know there's just no place like home...welcome that place that's safe and warm, always a shelter from the storm...I remember when the days were stormy... home was always waiting for me."

For so many of us, our "homes" are not shelters from the storm. They are places of turmoil and distress. They are places where we feel trapped. They are places that remind us of heartache and pain. And for those of us that live our daily lives in these places, the music reminds us there is hope and to never give up on our dreams. For those of us who live in not-so-perfect places, for a few days and nights we feel "safe and warm in that shelter from the storm" in the arms of our friends and in the magic of the music that gives us comfort. It's hard walking out those doors to leave, but thankfully we know that at least for now, we can come home again and know that for those brief moments we feel safe and free.

Missing my "second home" today,

Texas Fanilow

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