Sunday, October 28, 2007

What I Did for Love...

It has to be said. In his Vegas show, when Barry is talking about his song "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" he says you will hear today, "love rocks, or love sucks". The question is: does love suck?

My friend's son just had a horrible break up. After four years, his first and only girlfriend walked away. He is of course, devastated. Words of consolation can't help his broken heart right now. For him, love does indeed suck. But I know that once "sorrow has it's day, and when its done, life will go on."

What we do for love is definitely one of the greatest of our life's pursuit. Without love, our hearts are hollow. Our hopes are empty. And without love we have missed out on one of the greatest gifts that God gave us. Love is worth every heartache, every pain, every tear...and on the upside every joy, every triumph, every celebration and every moment shared. So I guess sometimes love rocks, and sometimes it sucks. But...a life without it, is no life at all.

To quote a song from Chorus Line..."Won't forget, can't regret... What I did for love"!

Feeling the love tonight,
Texas Fanilow

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